Day 11

Been off the nicotine for 10 days and 20 hours now and feeling quite good today.

Started martial art to help me stop back at easter and tonight I think I could feel a slight difference... did lots of abdominal work and felt less out of breath than usual. I could put it to the fact that I'm getting better at it but surely the absence of nicotine must make a difference too.

also noticed that I was starving after 2 hours of exercise, so I ate straight away. Before I would have had a couple of cigs and ate a bit much later.

surely, it is more healthy!!:)

hoping that exercise will keep me on track, as well as the support of everybody here!!


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  • Hi Sandrine, sounds like you are doing really well. Still counting the hours I see, I was about 2 weeks before I stopped doing that:eek:

    Of course you are more healthy you are now a non smoker, so yes you will start to notice things becoming easier.

    So you are heading towards two weeks and that will feel fantastic.

    hope you are feeling v proud, keep going.

  • hi Sandrine,

    it seems yourmore healthier than me even though you smoked more and for longer:eek:

    but im glad to hear about your progress

    just keep it up now:)

    day 11 is awesome

    good luck and all the best for the rest

    and ill hopfully see your threads around:)

    forgot to add :

    hunger was a huge issue for me, still havn't overcome it yet though

    im a food addict:D

  • Hi Sandrine, sounds you're doing great :D

  • Thank you for the support.

    Today is a miserable day!! Been working in the rain all day and now I'm cold and wet and miserable!! I spent all day not thinking about it and now I'm back home, I want one!!

    Again, I think, it's because I haven't eaten all day!! I know it's bad and I think that's how I got on with it before: No lunch, a couple of cigs and no breakfast a couple of cigs :confused:

    Looked at my counter and I am 11 days 16 hours :D I count the hours cos it makes me feel closer to the next day!

    hopes everybody will have a good nicotine free evening!!

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