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Grrrr weight gain!

I used to be a big bloke, 6ft, 19 stone, over 18 months of changing eating habits I went down to 13 stone. :)

And then I quit smoking in August. 2 months later and the weight is going back on. I have put on 5 lbs and am starting to get disheartened.:(

I have started walking briskly for 2 miles each night, so hope it starts to reverse the trend. Will check how things are going in 2 weeks.

Life is full of challenges!

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Hi StateofPlay :)

Well done on your quit you're doing just fine

Try not to worry about a little extra weight I also put on wieght but the body will sort that out as the melabolism rights itself again

I also put on wieght when I quit but at the 6 month mark it started to come off again without me needing to diet or exercise a lot which I'm unable to do on a regular basis and I'm now within 3 lb of my pre quit wieght




A little weight wont kill you but cigarettes will so dont worry it will all settle down soon


Hello my love

I know I've said this before, however I am a fitness bunny and have been for 20 years (even whilst smoking 30 a day). I swim a mile every morning before work and gym/spin/class 6 days a week (there is a point to all this). I do all that but I'm prone to gaining weight quickly.

My advice is up the exercise, your two mile walk should be taking you 30 mins (15 mins a mile) and you should aim for 25 mins. Really we all should do at least 1 hour of exercise a day. Spinning classes are very good but you need to have a reasonable fitness to start them.

Diet - Oh I hate to diet and I know people call it healthy eating but to me if I can't in my body weight in Mars Bars then it's a diet!! I low carb as I hate the crap they put in low cal products. However the main thing is to cut out refined carbs such as chocolate, cakes, bread, beer/wine and sugar in general. I lost 8 stone 22 years again (I was a very fat kid) and I suppose one of the reasons I never wanted to give up smoking was the weight issue. At 42 I’m not going to be a size 10 forever but I’m not giving that up without a fight.

I'm now on day 8 and yesterday I pulled myself together and went back to my low carb life with exercise.:o

If you need help with an exercise plan let me know.


Thanks for the advice and positive comments.

I used to go to the gym everyday, smoke 2 before I went in and two afterwards LOL. Since I quit smoking I have a low boredom threshold and the gym is well boring now.

So I have stopped going to the gym, which is why I am getting porky:)

I forget how well I have done, not a single ciggie since 22/8, I was a hardened smoker before I quit. I have driven 15 miles at 3 in the morning to find a petrol station that was open, coz I had run out just before I went to bed and woke up in a sweat worrying that I didn't have any fags for the morning:p

And that is what I need to do, keep focussing on the positives, and forget the flab for a while, just hope I can still fit into the new suit I am having made at the moment:D

Once again, thanks for your kind words. Oh, and by the way, do you also get the urge to go and sniff the smoke of someone who you see having a fag? I am worried they will think I am a nutter and have me arrested:D


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