Weight gain ahhh

Put on over half a stone now and I had said to myself that if I got over 9st I would do something about it. I am only 5ft so every lb shows. Joined weight loss resources where you have to log everything you eat and all exercise and decide what you want to lose a week. I have just gone for 1/2lb a week for now as I so need my nibbles. It wasnt until I was putting in everything I have eaten today that I realised what a pig I am and that is before I started on my usual popcorn in the evening lol.:eek:

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  • Muffin Tops


    you will get it sorted, also try eating from a smaller plate, switching to low fat options and if you love popcorn try the real popping corn from health food shops that you do in the pan rather than packet stuff its lovely with salt on! its only a couple of quid for a big bag and it makes loads. Its fun popping it in the pan too!!:D

  • Not tried the pan popping one. I go for the cinema sweet micro popcorn mmmmmmmmmmm omg I love the stuff used to munch that when i smoked too lol :D

  • I am doing a weight loss thing now as at 5ft 2 and normally 8.5st I am now 10st 8! Dolly is too (not 10st 8, just trying to lose weight!). We suggested a weightloss support thread for those who feel strong enough to tackle the weight gain. Does that sound a worthy idea or a non starter??

  • My advice is tackle the quit 1st then the weight.

    I'm nearly at 11 months in and my weight has almost sorted itself out.

    Pre quit it was about 11 st 10 lbs I put on a stone and now I'm back to 12 st 2 - 4 lbs(depends when I weigh), but I've also put on a bit of muscle. My aim is to get back below 12 st and ideally to 11 st 7lbs but realistically that is not likely.

    The metabolism regularises and excess snacking reduces about the 6 month mark, and its easier to sort out the weight then.



  • there is a fat fighters group on here that afew people have joined.

    Im up for regular updates though to keep me in check! Im 5foot 2.5 and 12st 1lb otherwise known as a weeble!!! it's all muscle :)

  • I joined that weight group on here but not been on for a bit as no one seemed to go on it. We could give it a little rev up couldntt we :)

  • Hi Mel :D

    Like you I'm only 5 foot and every pound showed

    Don't worry to much about it just now, OK I know you don't want the extra pounds but as Nic says it does sort itself out

    I put on a lot of weight but it is slowly coming off again now

    The excessive snacking will slow if not stop and the weight gain stops levels and and then comes down again

    Now if I get the munchies as I do now and then I eat fruit, not sweets etc

    I went to a size 14/16 from a 10/12 now I'm back to a 12/14 usually a 12


    Marg xxxxxxxxx

  • Ahh you little like me Marg.:) I know I bought a top the other day and picked up 10/12 as usual and it was tight. So need to go to 12/14 I think but I dont want to lose what wardrobe Ive got :(

  • wobbly wobbly

    mel, a little rev would be good for those who are interested I think it can only be a good thing! I tried to apply the same thinking for giving up smoking to eating crisps etc but I just havent quite got the hang it with food!!

  • Ahh you little like me Marg.:) I know I bought a top the other day and picked up 10/12 as usual and it was tight. So need to go to 12/14 I think but I dont want to lose what wardrobe Ive got :(

    Hi Mel :D

    You Don't need to lose that wardrobe you have, you'll be able to wear them again soon

    What I did with skirts/trousers I bought elastic waisted ones so can still wear them when the weight gone

    And for tops I went to charity shops, got some really nice ones for less than half the price of new and as they get to big they can go back again to charity shop

    Like you I didn't need the extra weight but I feel so much better for quitting that it was worth it and as we said it will settle down again


    Marg xxxxxxxxx

  • Muscle

    Ha ha its not a weight problem "Its all muscle and toned up" Muscle weights more then fat..... Quitting most important at the moment, and u are doing great.... Kaz :D x

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