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Straight into Month4

Ok doing grrreat, month 3 just slid by, I'm starting to feel like my normal condition is not smoking.

I had a couple of craves there while have a few (or more) beers but dealt with them relatively easily - well chuffed with myself.

I continue to have a low grade cough but it is a nice feeling getting rid of all that muck, I get a similar feeling flushing out piping systems - very satisfying.

Weight - oh dear lord I have turned into a Jabba - so started jogging/cycling/eating well. I love my food and everything tastes so much better now, it is difficult to restrict myself. So in view of this and because I feel so much better and have a new found confidence in my own ability to do things here is my next project:

I am going to do a triathlon next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I thought I would see what I could do - oh dear a work in progress

I spluttered to a near walking pace 5km in 45 minutes - target 10km in 50:eek:

Nearly sunk and drowned after 100m in the pool - target 1500m

Cycling - actually no problem 40 km at a canter - but I have always cycled

Bit of a rethink and I have decide to go for a sprint triathlon distance to start with - then work up to olympic distances.

The future feels superb - giving up the fags - best thing I have done

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Congratulations, Satanic Mechanic :) And what a cool post! Well done on getting to month 4..... passing by the the terrible 3s without any problem! I had to find something physical to do as well after my quit as I was quickly turning into a blob........ just finished a 30 day hot yoga challenge and I tell you it helped my quit immensely. Felt good, back in shape, good attitude, etc..... so you go and keep training for the triathlon....... it will be an amazing experience for you, one you would have probably never attempted as a smoker! Great job!!


Hehe.. the sum of my 'extra' exercise has been a nintendo wii and parking further away from where i work.. 4 spaces in the car park further... :)

So the fact that you have done what you have done there is excellent in terms of effort.. i'm sure you will improve on those times. :)

Great work with the getting to month 4, just a matter of keeping this going now eh!

congrats :)



Hi SM :D

Well done indeed getting to your 4th month and pleased to hear that it's beginning to feel normal not to smoke

You sound happy and confident with your quit and have every right to be proud of yourself




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