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Still Alive and Here

Good morning all,

hope all are doing well and still smoke free. I have not been on these forums for an absolute age. The reason being is I felt I wanted to break away from all smoking thoughts and talk and experience life a new man. Do not get me wrong the support network here is fantastic and appreciated all the comments and words of encouragement. It got me through the first month without a shadow of a doubt. So a big thank you to all.

I cannot believe I am in month 4, the time has flown by and now starting to feel the benefits of living smoke free without doubt.

The only times I ever think about smoking nowadays is when I see someone smoking which is rare. The thought that always now runs through my head is thank god I do not do that any more.

I feel free and liberated. I am no longer bound to a 10 pack, no longer thinking where can I smoke if I go out. Its brilliant.

Keep up the good work all and congratulations on reaching 4 months.


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Hey Andy ....thanks for letting us know ....that is fantastic:D Well done you:D


Hi Andy :D

Well done you 3 months done and dusted

Pleased to hear you're really feeling the benefits keep it up




Hi Andy

Thanks for your words and well done to you


Well m8y, you're not bound by any agreement to post here, but its really nice to read that you are still going strong with your quit.. and .. just like myself... really enjoying being a non-smoker.

What a difference it is eh!! Wouldn't change a thing.. and why would we!!

Shoulda done this a long time ago in truth!

Congrats on 3 months done.



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