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Remember me?


Hey, everyone! Sorry, I've been absent but I went back to life on Champix and got very busy. This weekend I'm quitting Champix so its a bit of a set back but not much. I'm quit and will be for life. I'm a non-smoker. It didn't take that long and everyone on this forum really helped me ... especially Jase. Tomorrow I enter week 8 but I'm not really tracking it anymore. I no longer have fears of having to join SSA (Sunflower Seeds Anonymous :rolleyes:) and I don't even miss smoking.

What I'm needing to do is train myself to take a break and find other things to enjoy (cup of tea or coffee or ice-water).

Anyway, I thought I'd drop in and say hi! I recognise a couple of names.

Have a great day from the other side of the world (we already have snow and below zero temperatures).

Kari :)

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Hi Kari :)!!!

Ohh really good to read you've done so well, and the best of luck cutting the strings to the champix and going it alone.. although I suspect you may still be eating sunflower seeds secretly :) (jolly nice they are too!)

What matters is that you have quit, and remain quit.. and true to it too, and that does you so much good for both body AND mind.. now at least you can truly appreciate what we all meant back in those early days when we said how much better is was later on in the quit .. good for you :)

but ohhh don't like the sound of the temparatures there.. make sure you've got good stocks of winter fuels, they say its going to be a very cold winter this year.

Thanks for letting us know how you are getting on, and well done :)


I remember you :) Well done, Kari on getting to week 8! Keep that up!

Snow already? Where in Canada are you? Still nice here in Seattle.... bit a rain but beautiful change of colors.

Good to see you are doing well with your quit ;)

Hey, everyone! Good to hear from you as well! Thanks for the replies! :)

I am near Edmonton Alberta (we live on 2 acres near a lake (glorified pond)). I used to live in Langley BC and visited Washingtonm / Oregon / California numerous times. Whoever mentioned they were in Washington, I know your weather. Here in northern Alberta it is prairie and dry! We had a drought last summer and my veggie garden kind of survived that. However it (and my new house) did not survive the hail storm with 2.5 inch hail stones and 90 kmph winds. It was scary! :eek: Some people lost their roofs. Only our siding, garage door and eaves troughs, etc. got damaged . The insurance has approved our claim. :o Life is sometimes exciting.


Enough of that, though. It really is terrific to hear from all of you

Have a great smoke free day!


Hey Kari....good to hear from you :D....thats great you are going so well......I am off the champix as well now :D and feeling fabulous for a non smoker:D

Hi Kari :D

Great to hear from you again and well done on getting to your 8th week



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