No Smoking Day
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Phew - Day 5!

I just about made it! :D

Things were getting a bit ropey yesterday, I was getting cravings soooo bad it felt a bit like when i had my failed attempt last Friday with willpower alone!

I'm wondering if when I had my unscheduled shower in the middle of the night (CATS......grrrrr!) if water got into the patch and diluted it somehow!

Anyway I now have an inhalator too, not to use all the time but to whip out in case of emergency!

I'm feeling ok today - apart from not being able to move my neck, musta slept funny! I'm looking on that as a good thing too - it's making my smoking arm numb so having a fag would hurt anyway! :D

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It doesnt matter whether you just about made it the fact is that YOU DID and you havent caved in. You are better for it and you know why so keep up the good work and you will soon be in week 2.



Well done catwoman!

You're doing brilliantly...doesn't matter how we get through to the next day, just so long as we do it is what counts! :D

Keep on doing it!

JJ x


Well done Catwoman, you will soon have done a whole week, and I promise things do start to get better. Do you have any treats planned?



Week 2 round the corner and should get better.

Get a dog to scare off the cats (but they pee more)

Well done


Well done Mad cat, im on day 5 tomorrow. Am eating so much crap, am feeling like im gonna put weight on (have never put weight on b4). Don't wanna put weight on, but suppose its better than smoking. My lungs feel better and taste is amazing. Can't stop eating!!!


:D The cats are normally shut downstairs at night but one had snuck up and must have been hiding very quietly in the wardrobe or under the bed. I made sure to count them last night!

I still feel ok today - haven't used the inhalator but it's good to know it's there just in case.

I haven't noticed if things taste better or not as my sinuses are still a bit dodgy from my cold - but I must be getting better quicker due to not smoking. I can't wait to get this week out of the way! Then this month - and the next one - and the year......... I KNOW I'm going to succeed this time! :p


Great! just keep going I am on day 5 as well.



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