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No Smoking Day
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Hello week three-ers


Good to be here. The 'giving up smoking' bit does seem to be getting easier with each day. No cravings at all, no desire to smoke, beginning to actually feel like smoking is something I don't do.

Been on Champix over a month now and have had no real problems with it, but have been aware of the mood swings which have affected others. The other day had a bit of a chatty/drinky session with a friend I haven't seen for ages. And felt that I was 'not quite right', bit too snappy (with a neighbour who has been hassling me for months, usually I just let these things go); also felt really down the following day. Now this, of course, could just be down to the alcohol, but just in case I decided to knock Champix on the head. Think it would probably have been better to just reduce it, so I might go back on it in order to reduce the doseage to come off it. If that makes any sense.

Also, given I feel I've cracked this smoking business now, I don't want to come off Champix and back on cigarettes.


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HI, well done on your 3 weeks. I don't know anything about champix but would suggest you spoke to either your GP, a pharmacist or maybe NHS Nurse for advice before stopping and starting it.

Wishing you continuing good luck with your quit.



Hi Cyprian

WEll done with you all the way

As far as the Champix goes when I broached the subject of stopping it I was told that scientist have produced this wonderful drug to stop the nicotine receptors and it takes the whole course for them to be finally put to sleep. So I should carry on but I am so scared of upsetting the apple cart I will be a good girl and do as Im told


Thanks for that. Gone back on Champix today. Didn't feel I needed it in relation to smoking, but am concerned about 1) stopping too soon and reverting to a smoker and 2) cutting a drug so quickly without going through a moderate withdrawl.



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