No Smoking Day
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I made it this far and am sitting here with NO morning fag when I'd normally be on my second by now! :D

I had another night of very vivid dreams - it MUST be the patches, I don't mind though, it's like going to the cinema at night - the only problem is having to wake up before the film ends! :p

Hope everyone else is doing well too - I'm already coughing less (that could be the fact my cold's getting better though!).

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Well done you, it must get easier from here just remember that. Have a great day and you are doing sooooooo well:D


Still going......

But if ONE more person says to me if I cough "You should stop smoking!" when they don't even know if I ever smoked in the first place, I am NOT responsible for my actions!

I'm GETTING OVER A COLD!!!!! Plus, I just DID stop smoking! And the disbelieving look I always seem to get when I reply with this is even more likely to drive me to violence before the end of the day.... GRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!:mad::mad::mad:

Ok rant over! :D


AAAAAAAAAANNDDDDDD breathe - better?

Next time someone says you should give up smoking - cough and splutter in their faces and say "i am just getting over swine flu" that should see them running away. :D


well done you !


Brilliant news well done!


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