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Day 3ish (?) of Quit

Hi guys

Sorry i've not been on here to keep you all upto date, i've been so busy that i've only been able to come on for a fleeting moment :(

As you know i've been on Champix for 14 days and my quit day was Tuesday 6th. On Monday evening around 10.30 i smoked my last cig:)

I have found it quite easy with just the odd dreams, a watery eye and a slight panic attack...well i think it was... although it wasn't very nice, so i hope i don't get another:( ??

I start my week 3 pack tomorrow, today has been hard with the little 'demon' creeping in now and again, but i've fought it with all my might...YEAH!!

Hope you are all getting on well with whatever stage your at:)

Lilac x

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Well done Lilac. You are doing brilliantly!


Your doing really well keep going and stay strong.



Gets better everyday keep fighting and we are with you all the way


Hi Lilac :D

Well done on day 4 smoke free by now all the Nicotine is out of your system

Keep fighting those Nico :eek: Demons sneaky little sod that they are

The odd dreams etc are all normal this early in a quit but will pass before to long


Marg xxxxxxx


Thank you all for your support:) I am determined not to go back to being a slave to the cigs...bloody things:eek:

However i have woken this morning feeling really 'flat' is the only word i can use, not depressed as such, maybe a little this normal?

I would be really interested to know if anyone has had this feeling.


Lilac x


Gratz on the quit,the junkie in you will tell you all sorts of things. it will tell ya somethings missing. You can't do something proper without a smoke or ya don't feel right. You will have a lot of freakie feelings while trying to quit. Some physical some mental. Just keep workin your way through them.:D


Hi Lilac :D

You're doing just fine and it's normal to feel a little sad/depressed this early in a quit but it doesn't last long

Twiste is right about the Junkie in you telling you all sorts of things to get you back to smoking

Try this Link I think it will really help you as it has many others on here


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