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Day 62 and had a little slip


Have some bad news to report,

Day 61, Saturday night.

I decided to give up my quit and start smoking again, Couldnt take the crave anymore that seemed to last 2 days solid.

Anyway I had one cigarette, hit me really hard, I was coughing and the lot like it was my first ever. Had it anyway put it out. an hour later had another.

Didnt really enjoy them wasnt like my memories of "the old days" lol

Anyways I decided that after having these two cigarettes and having 100% decided to give up on my quit. That i didnt want to start smoking again afterall.

I dunno what exactly happened but I see it as another step. Craved about it, gave in, tried it, didnt like it and so wont be doing it again.

To be honest although i probebly am supposed to wish I hadnt had these two cigarettes im not really bothered. The whole experience has showed me that I dont want to be a smoker anymore.

I wouldnt recommend anyone doing this by the way and I fully realise how dangerous having the odd one now and again is.

Feel alot better now, Havnt smoked since saturday anyway and I wont be anymore.

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oh Man

dont worry about it. I did that last time I gave up. In fact i forced myself to have one fag after another until i liked them again because i thought that would be better than the psychological turmoil i was going through.

Well done for getting back on track.. I really rate you for that.. ;)

Its a lesson well learned by the sounds of it so dont worry.



My slip three weeks ago. I remember feeling annoyed because I couldn't just go back to smoking again. A big part of me wanted to get right back to quitting. That part won and after a few rollups I stopped again and I'm still quit today. My only problem these days (apart from dealing with the craves) is whether to call myself three weeks quit or nine weeks quit. It feels like I've been at this a lot longer than three weeks.


well done for sticking on the quit xxx brilliant :)


Thanks for the support guys,

I feel much better after the "incident".

Really was ready for giving up on the quit, and to be quite honest it was a bit of a boost to find out that im not addicted anymore, I always thought that if I had one cigarette that would be me back on it.

Dont worry just because ive discovered that im not addicted anymore doesnt mean im gonna make a habbit of having the odd one.


Hmm, tis a hard one. I kept slipping and in my head i had built up ciggies as this wonderful thing.Then i had one, and it was like what the feck was i thinking? why did i like this? This isn't fun. I realised this when i was doing it, and that's why i wanted to give up.

The addict romanticises the substance, but yet when you have it, it just makes ya want more....It's not nice. Smoking isn't nice.


It happens Quitter...I had pretty much the same experience which then 100% confirmed I didn't want to be a smoker.

Alan Carr states in his presentation (via what ever media) that when a person starts they have to learn to smoke. I believe that point. I do recall not really liking it but then continuing until I got used toit (there's a reason behind them not bing sold 1 at a time).

Sparking up (that's all I did) nearly made me gag...that's one training program that isn't worth the hassle!


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