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Dreams and coming off Champix

Just when I thought the dreams were beginning to go away, they were back with a vengeance last night - one followed the other in rapid succession and some were of nightmarish qualities. And so real. Quite a few of last night's revolved around smoking, in a negative way, people with lung cancer, half smoked packets appearing everywhere, repurcussions for starting smoking again. I really thought I'd started smoking again when I woke up.

As a result, I'm shatttered again today having had such a distrubed night's sleep.

I've now been on Champix for just over three weeks and have found the 'quitting' part OK. No cigarettes and no craving.

Still feel nausea after the morning one, but I can handle that - it's the dreams which are getting me down.

Just wondering if anyone has experience of stopping the night-time one early. Did it effect your cravings? Did the dreams stop?

Thanks for any advice


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