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No Smoking Day
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Made it to day

Well I am on day three! Day 3 has been so much better than day 2! If day 3

was anything like day 2 I probably would have caved. The good lord must of

known that so he made day 3 a little easier for me. Cravings are still there

but not as intense. I am hoping for a GREAT DAY 4! I have gone to far now

to go back! I don't ever want to put myself through that hell of the first two

days! I had a small anxiety attack last night after reading some of the links

provided on here. No one's fault but my own...I know my limits and I pushed

them. Just seeing pictures of people dying in their early 30's just scared the

poo right out of me! Of course I have my meds to handle that so sleeping

was great last night! That was my test though was going through that, and I

was so scared about it there was no way I was going to light up giving the

onset of the attack! Atleast I can say that this attack was not as intense as

they were when I was smoking and I can't tell you how nice that is.

Anyways, I love this forum and love reading and hearing from all of you!!

Looking forward to tomorrow!!:)

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Great stuff wsmith,

Almost done with day 3 and that's the nicotene out :)

There is a lot of information available both here in the forum and within those links. But everyone is different with different tastes and styles. If you don't agree with one then try another until you find something that you can happily live with.

It seems to be too simple to just suggest taking a deep breath when it becomes a bit too overbearing. Do go off and do something and give your mind something else to think about. The early days is a constant repetition of occupying yourself so you don't focus upon how bad you feel. You're just retraining your mind into a better practice and life.

Hang in there,



oh, have to say thanks for spreading out your post, made it much easier to read. i have a thought about the God thing, i reckon she only gives you as much as you can cope with (ok so she got it wrong with me and 3 kids but hey)

Glad you are enjoy reading the forum, we are very glad to have you on board, keep up the good work and i am looking forward to your day 4 post.


Hi Wsmith :D

Great you're through to day 4 now and all the nicotine is out of your system

Glad to hear the anxiety/panic attack was less intense for you without the fags that's ggod so already you're feeling the benefits of stopping

I'm so pleased you're enjoying the help from people here and finding the forum useful

Just keep it going you're doing fine


Marg xxxxxxxx


Well done, you are doing great, another day done, they soon mount up.

You could do some reading which is not all scary at all, the websites are in our signatures.

Good luck.



Well done wsmith :) Wishing you continued success.


I too am on day 3 and also found day 2 unbearable. i feel much better today and hope it just continues to get better. Im not getting many cravings but just cant stop thinking about cigs.

Anyway well done and lets hope things get better and better. I am noticing i can breath a bit better.

good luck and keep it up.


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