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No Smoking Day
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starting to see the light

Hi all, thanks so much for your messages of encouragement yesterday - I am a non-smoker!

Day 2 and I woke up feeling so proud - I had a real wobble for about an hour last night and my boyfriend took the brunt of it - something I find giving up CT means I am very easily agitated and find the smallest of things about other poeple annoy me! I do hope this passes as it makes me a misery to be around.

I really don't want to give in to the evil stick though and am determined. Mainly because I worry so much when I do smoke about my health and everyone elses

- it really hit home at the weekend which prob spurred me on in my quitting - my BF said to one of our friends - not in a nasty way but that he probably wouldn't even think about smoking when we were out if I didn't - he's been a non-smoker for 3 years now and started having the odd cig when we were out so******ing - I really don't want him slipping down the slippery slope and it being myself to blame!

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Hey Bowla99,

Welcome to the site and congrats on your decision to stop smoking. As you'll already know the first 3 days are when the nicotene is leaving your body. That could translate as you being short tempered. Sometimes that persists and I know that I've sacked previous quits because I didn't wish to have a temper.

This quit of mine...successful this time...was done through CT. That's just a personal choice we all face. However, education and reading around to understand the process you are going through does seem to help a quit be more successful and takes the edge off things irrespective of how our quits started...be it Champix, patches etc.

There is an online book written by Allen Carr (he who wrote Easy Way to Stop Smoking) and other members have reported positively after reading it. Possibly it may help you...at the very least it'll divert you a bit. Just google him up.

Well done on the quit :cool:



Well done and welcome to our cyber family, I wish you all the best in your quest to get off cigarettes. I understand what you say about your smoking but you are never responsible for someone elses smoking, but it would be great for you both to be free from the addiction and the smell.

Good luck.



Well done on yr descion to quit! You sound very determend!! Well done!


Keep going we are all here for ya. Its early days, I am on Day 4 but remember Day 1 and how I felt, as the days go on it will get easier.

Keep yourself busy and your mind occupied.

Good luck


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