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I see a different person in the mirror

Wow.. thank God i found this forum.. I have a sounding board to offload on..

Day 26 and I see a different person in the mirror.. my eye balls are white, the chipped nails and cracked skin around them are gone.. its feels so weird.. It is soooo bizzare to actually feel what a deep breath of oxygen feels like..

I feel good.. smoking for 16 years.. an absolute prisoner to the desperation knowing i was down to my last 3 sounds like madness to a non smoker.. to a is all consuming..

I started because it was cool, now.. at my age.. i am an outsider.. my beautiful partner has never smoked, my kids dont understand why i need to step outside every 20 or so minutes..finding excuses to excuse myself to go outside to calm my nerves with a cigarette.

How much longer could i justify the expense, everytime the price of cigarettes went up another dollar..good grief..such denial.

This is my third attempt but the reason is not about the cost, it is not about my reason is's just time.

Noone can make a smoker quit..they have to be ready.. im ready.. I pre apoligised to all my co-workers knowing that my work melt downs were inevitable.. I apoligised to my smoking friends.. i know they are going to miss they can quit too if they really want to re-acquiaint themselves with the new me.. right? ..all in good time..

I like looking at the mirror and seeing a brighter me, maybe the lip color.. a rosey hue may return and replace the years of discoloration on my smokers lips.. who wants to kiss a smoker?

Good luck to everyone wanting to quit, you will lose contact with your smoking friends temporarily whilst you readjust to this new world but it is so well worth it..

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Gooday Mate

And a warm welcome to our Aussie cousin (I wont mention the cricket).

I gave up smoking the day before you and I couldn't agree with you more!! When I think of the money and time wasted on the filthy weed it makes me mad :mad:.

But hey better late than never!! At least we have quit now - the important thing now is to stay quit.

Good luck, I hope it goes well for you.

If you go to the quick links section and click on the social group thingy there is a group of us that all quit around the same time - worth checking out.


Great to have you with us mate And great post :D

We got so much more to gain:cool:



Welcome to the forum - couldn't agree more with you - smokers and ex-smokers understand each other and can offer support like nobody else. I am a day behind you and I am sure that is due in part to the people on here. It is great to be able to come on and have a rant or give myself a pat on the back and know that there are people out there who understand.

It is wonderful to be smokefree after, for me, 48 years of my life being ruled by nicotine - FREEDOM RULES


Hello and welcome,

It is nice to be able to look yourself in the eye- my nails are better too and so is my hair and skin. I was interested in what you said about leaving your smoking friends behind- I have just decided that I cant go out for Xmas with my smoking friends- too much to lose. But there will be plenty more nights out in the future.

Sandy xxx


Hello :)

Nice to have you join us, it's all good in here.

I've only been quit for 17 days but I've already noticed that my nails are awesome!!!! I may even, for the first time in my life, get a manicure. So I can empathise and celebrate the discovery of good circulation/lack of poisonous chemicals with you.

(I honestly have never had such good nails, I keep checking them out :o)

Anyway, post, vent, off-load or celebrate. This is what we are all here for.


Hi there and welcome to the site.

I think you have found exactly the right reason to stop smoking. My reason to quit was that I just didn't want to smoke anymore. Don't like the smell or the taste. I can't remember the last time I actually smoked and 'enjoyed' it.

I have also quit a couple of times before, because of money, kids etc and it didnt stick. I went back to smoking as I felt denied something. This time I just don't want to do it anymore. I know this is ti this time and reasing your post you sound just like me so I believe this will be your forever quit to.

This is a great forum, with great support, as long as you don't rub our noses in it about the weather lol

Sian xx


wow..thanks guys

ouch!..had to go there with the cricket..he he he.. nevermind..

thanks heaps for the feed back..

interesting to see we all have similar experiences.. good bye cigarette, you were never a friend.. you are a money draining, forever dependant, smelly, littering peace of filth..

come to think of it, if it were a man.. his bags would have been packed years ago. lol.. :o

good luck everyone, my fingers and my eyes are crossed for you guys..


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