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Week 2 and happy

Yes gang we are in week 2, me and my mate, not much to tell today, only that we are still hanging in there.

My taste buds seem to be working better, and breathing is much more comfortable. I am watching closely what i eat, not on a diet but just being care full, I dont want to leave this site then go weight watchers.

Keep up the hard work everybody, am not out the woods by a long way, but think i am on the right track:p

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Well done Carpenter!!! Smart thing to watch what you're eating...... not sure if you're in the right place..... apparently lots of cake baking going on here again. Best leave the cakes alone then ;) don't want to turn all big and fluf...... ehm big :)


Thanks bell. dont want to lose my cat walk figure, ha ha must say every thing seems different to my world. perhaps i am an alien . !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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