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Bags under eyes and looking ill!

Hello everyone.

Newbie on day 3 of cold turkey.

One of my main reasons to quit was because I was getting fed up looking tired, ill and shabby all the time - Even though I go to the gym 3 times a week, have a strict diet and try to get as much sleep as possible, I still look tired with bags under my eyes, dark circles and generally look unwell.

Hopefully after a few weeks of quitting this will clear up, but I was wondering if anyone else out there shares the same symptoms of dark, baggy eyes, and looking tired, even though they don't feel tired?

Also, any suggestions to make us look better?

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I use touche eclat! Doesn't solve the problem but sure disguises it!


Thanks, but is that make up? :o


Ah. Are you a boy? If so, then its possibly not for you. Unless you like that sort of thing. Each to their own I say.........


Hee hee, er no not really.

Fortunately, now that i'm on my 4th day, my eyes seem to be a little better. Less dark and tired looking. I hope to see a big improvement over the next few weeks.

Thanks anyway Fiona


An additional note, I'm now on day 5 and the dark eyes are even better!

If anyone out there is in the same boat with really dark eyes due to smoking, they do get better after a wee while!

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How about clay

That's awesome Milner, congrats! One suggestion I can make is to use a facial mask of pure natural clay. From what I know Bentonite clay is the best. It really detoxifies and purifies the skin. You can actually even eat the clay (tastes better dissolved in a glass of water) and get an overall detox. :)


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