New here and looking for help!

Hi there! I´m Janne, 33 years old, and since I remember smoking always wanted to stop, and never really could. I started when I was 13 and my diary entries from when I was 16 are all about quitting. Been some periods of time without smoking but I always end up doing it. I read books about it, write lists of the benefits of quitting, download apps, set dates after dates and i´m feeling very incapable of doing it. Sorry for my English...It´s not my language :)

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  • Hi janne, big welcome to you. Did you ever manage to stop? We are all on the same boat here. Think about it decide how you are going to do it, set a date and stick to it. You will always find someone here to help you through it, good luck

  • Hi mmaya, thank you for your quick answer. Yes, i´ve been smoke free for 4 months, 9 months and in the begining of this month for 5 days :P I will be around here looking for guidance :)

  • Janne, have you made up your mind? We would love to have you with us. N

  • Hi there mmaya! Yes, i´ve set up my date: October 1st!

  • Great stick around and we'll make this one our last quit together, good luck!

  • Hi Janne..very warm welcome

    Congratulations on the best decision of your will get a lot of guidance on this forum an I am not the first to say that this forum is the reason for my success so far.

    Some of us are lucky and could quit after 38 years on the first attempt... But I know why .....Because once you have tasted the sweet, sweet smoke free life after 38 years you never want to stink like that again .... Stay strong in your quit and we are behind you ...

    (Your English is excellent for me because English is also my fourth language)

  • Hi Janne

    Just joined myself and set today as my quit date (though I actually haven't had a ciggy since 3:30 yesterday). Good luck for Thursday, hopefully see you on the forum and follow your progress. We can do this!

  • Yes..Yes...Yes..k8tjane your attitude is 100% and a good start for a successful quit..Strongs !!

  • Thank you! Feeling really motivated! We can do this :)

  • Hope Day 1 has gone well for you Janne:)

  • Hello Janne.

    How are you doing? As I understood, it is the sixth day of quitting. Can you share your experience?

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