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How could I forget?


Sadly I havn't been able to of been around here recently and tonight I have just managed to check in and check the messages. One caught my eye which was from Chrissie V and mentioned a milestone?

After the scratching of the last brain cell I realised that she was right and that I was now in month 4 and a step closer to the penthouse.Then I checked the the quit counter and this really did make me smile it said 'Gary you have been free from the evil weed for 100 days'

How could I forget something like that? Well ladies and gentlemen I reckon I forgot because it is now so easy not to smoke. I heard all the stories about the easier it gets......... well its all true.

So thanks Chrissie, and to all my fellow quiters stay strong and remember the PMA

Caz.............. Hope your reading...........Stay strong and still thinking about you.

One really happy bunny.:D

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Another cool, positive, and uplifting post :) Well done, Garali!! Congratulations on 100 days! Sounds like you've got a real strong quit going there! Keep it up!

Hi Gary,

Well done on getting to day 100.

Like you say, there was a time when the thought of not smoking filled me with dread and seemed impossible, like half a day into one of my many so called quits.

However, as you rightly mention, its now easy not to smoke, and although im only into my 3rd month, it certainly gets easier. In fact, its so easy, its as if I never smoked at all, thats how easy it is. Plenty of PMA too :-)

I'll be chasing you to the penthouse my friend!


Hi Gary :D

Congratulations 100 Days is a fantastic milestone to reach

I'm so pleased to hear that it is now easy for you not to smoke



Massive congratulations are due. Not so much for the milestone itself, but for reaching a point in your quit where you are actually not noticing them go by. Thats a comfortable place to be.. so well done. Keep watchful for unexpected temptations though and never take anyone up on an offer of one.

Well done!


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