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Day 4 Cold Turkey

Day 4 is pretty bad also maybe not as bad as day 3. My chest feels so like.....shaky. It doesnt seem like I can get this annoying tickle out of my throat. That tickle is like if you smoked one it will go away. any advice on when that tickle goes away. I been noticing that my legs when i wake up are feeling like I need to stretch them or something. so many changes its hard to imagine not smoking. Cold turkey is very tough good thing they invented jolly ranchers.


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Hi Harry :)

Sorry you're still finding it tough going just now but hang in there it gets better Promise

All the things you're feeling at the moment are normal at this early stage of a quit but it doesn't last for long

Already you're over 1/2 way through the first week

The benefits will soon start to kick in as well


Marg xx


May I suggest toostie roll pops?:D Made my quitting a lot easier It will get better ya just have to soldier through it for a bit and things will get better.


Hi Harry

I also went CT in this quit and must say days 3/4 was my worse things will get easyer honest. I smoked 40 + a day for 35 years. Keep some water in a little bottle with lemon jucie take sips this may help it did me.xxxx


Sorry you had a tough day, Harry! Hope you're feeling better. Stay strong.... it'll get better soon.

so many changes its hard to imagine not smoking. Cold turkey is very tough


Cold turkey is tough but it's also the quickest way to get it all over with...... maybe a bit more painful though ;) Hang in there! It may be hard imagining not smoking but our minds adapt and you will see that in just a few months, you will not even think of them at all. So stick with us :)


i went ct and have now done over a month, for me it was a matter of having the right attitude in your own head, for this i would suggest you read the links and tell yourself everyday how great it is to be a non smoker, and remind yourself why you are doing it.

Best wishes and let us know how your getting on.


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