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patch free!

on the third day without patches, i went from full fat to nothing as i just don't have the patience for the full course and patches do make me feel a little ill even though they get rid of the craving. it has been a bit rough ditching the patches but not half as bad as going cold turkey which to be honest sends me just a little loopy :) anyway, almost back to feeling vaugely normal, which is good enough for me!

i am completely lacking motivation, which i hate tbh, but it will come back in its own good time, i keep thinking of exercise but so far haven't acually done any :)

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Now be careful S, thinking about exercising can be absolutely exhausting. Don't overdo it! :D

Congrats on getting off the patches so quickly. So happy that you're doing so well!

H x


I've given up the patches too - although I relied on them for a much longer time. I had been on full strength up until last Wednesday when i downscaled to the step 2 patch. By mid morning and for the rest of the day, i was frantic! I was a freaking mad woman, eating copious amounts of chocolate and feeling very restless and tetchy. Thursday, i was fine, so i thought, i bet that's the worst it can get, so from Friday, no patch at all. I am cheating a little bit cos i've got my inhalator, but the patches really do mask the cravings to a great extent so now i am getting proper cravings although the last thing i want to do is smoke. i like the idea, but the reality would not be half as good so why bother.

Exercise ... what's that? :rolleyes:


:) yes thinking in general can be very tiring! well i did try a little home exercise after all, situps, how painful are they? why does my back make all those funny clicking noises, it never used too! :O

hi mrsCP, sounds like your hitting pretty much the same experiences, strange thing is that although i feel pretty rough, i wouldn't call it craving, like you say we know smoking is just a waste of time, there's nothing to crave, so i can't be craving!!

exercise an ancient religion based on pain and exhaustion :)


But however you are feeling...From Brilliant to To Downright Abominable....Its Still So So much better to be a NON SMOKER.Well I thinks so:)

Keep Strong.

and you'll be fine!!!


Always look forward to your posts douglas.

Well done ob quitting the patches my friend. I too have thought about exercise but as i am bedridden with a combination of arthritis and gout at the mo, that option is out, but as soon as i am on my feet i am going to do some gentle walking and hopefully work myself up to something a wee bit more demanding - At the moment my exercise is nothing more than "Extreme Ludo" :D


.....And then i went and spoilt it all by thinking the thread starter was douglas ( sang in my worst Sinatra voice )

5mol<er - Well done you for ditching the full fat patches - I am still on the full ones and tip my hat to you, i don't think i will be going to the low fat or even semi skimmed patches just yet......My utmost respect and support to you my friend :)


I can understand what you are going through. Leaving patches behind is when the real quit begins, so congrats on that. You will soon have a lot more energy, so exercises will not be a problem.

When we speak about motivation you can always check the "reasons to quit" forum, I just added one completely new one :D


thanks all, its getting much easier day by day now, this morning i didn't even think about cigs when i woke up, although i have to say that for the last few hours i have been thinking about them, but not in a 'i want to smoke' way, more in that i am just aware that i am early in my quit.

i'm taking things easy outside of work, just doing what i want to and trying to ignore essays that need writing :) the thing about quitting is it makes you value life more, now the black cloud of illness and danger has been blown away, but that also means i am less inclined to waste life doing things i don't want to do!!

hope all your quits are keeping strong :) ><5mol<er


welll pat me on the back and give me a gold star, i wen't and did some exercise!!!

3/4 mile jog (veeerrry sloooww!!) later and it feels good, but at the time it felt unpleasent and somewhat dangerous! i mean i am an ex smoker and could drop down at any moment with a range of serious smoking related things and tbh thats all that is going through my head when jogging.

moderation in all things though, i really do feel better for it now :)


Jogging is great, really clears your head. I've noticed a HUGE difference in my breathing since I quit, from nearly collapsing after 5 minutes I can jog for an hour now barely breathing heavily!! :)


jog for an hour!!! that sounds amazing!! i'm at the two minutes then collapse stage!!!

did the same route today and i think i may be addicted :) but there is a lot of work to do, this body has been badly neglected for far too long!!!


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