Done the 9

So yesterday was my 9 months, phew! Last couple of weeks have been tough, don't know why. Anyhow here I am, not looking for a pat on the back just want to let the newbies see that it can be done, and let the people who helped get me here know that I'm still going, so thanks very much to you!

Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine, I have a sick and spotty 4 year old so staying inside with the bowl at the ready :eek:

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    Hi Bev I am so pleased for you, 9 months is a good solid number, few years ago you would have been glad to see the end of that time scale now you want to continue to 10 and so on.

    I bet you are now reaping the rewards and feeling most of the health benefits, I think we get a shock when we realise how far we have gone down the smoke free road and thats perhaps why we have the craves on and off, remember we are only human and were smoking for a lot longer than we have given up for.


  • Yes Congratulations Bev 9 months is fantastic well done :)

  • 3/4 of a year done, gooooooooo on !!! :)

    nicely done! hope your young'un gets over the bout of pox or whichever childhood thing that is present.


  • Bev 9 months is brilliant and you do deserve a pat on the back..well done..xx


  • congratulations :D:D

    to hear that from you at this very moment -believe me strengthens this newbies wavering heart

    thank you -and so well done xx

  • Well done Bev, 3/4 of a year sorted for you, brilliant.


  • Hey, hey, Bev :)

    Surely a 9 monther deserves a perk or 2...especially a wee reward whilst looking after a sickly child. So here goes:

    Not my thing but I'm told that you will quite possibly go all weak at the knees.

    Keep on keepin' on,

    Cav xx

  • As i can't seem to post any pics at all now, and if i do they are invisible. Just wanted to say a very big WELL DONEto you.

    How're you getting on with the white wine these dayses? (I remeber the white wine trauma)

  • Congrats, Bev! Well done you! My friend here wants to say something, too.... ;)

    *said in very sexy, deep, and husky voice.....

    ha ha...... couldn't resist :D

  • 9 months is fantastic

    Well done Bev

    Sorry to hear you're stuck inside, too young for a boarding school too!


  • Keep it up hun!!!!! So glad we keep going. Treat yourself to something nice.Perhaps a nice glass of wine. Being so close to all those great wine country's your sure to have something good.

    Gratz hun see ya at 10

  • Bev

    Huge congratulations. Sorry to hear the last couple of weeks have been tough - but good to see you here!!

    10, 11 and Penthouse to go!! We can do it!!

    (hope the little 'un gets better soon)



  • Well done Bev ........9 months is fantastic , will make soom room in the penthouse for you as the next 3 months will fly by.:D

    Best Wishes


  • Thanks guys.

    Don't think I am feeling particularly more healthy, that could have something to do with the weight I have piled on :(. Do feel the quit is strong most days but as you quite rightly mention Jude the white wine problem is still there, but much more manageable than before.

    Neddy thanks for the pat on the back, sometimes when your quit has been going on for a while the people closest to you can get a bit fed up of you once a month going "HEY LOOK AT ME ANOTHER MONTH DONE" cause although for me it still feels like an achievement to them it is just another month.

    Skylark, glad to help, it does get easier, and it is worth it, post often and read loads and you too will get to the Penthouse.

    Cav and Bella you know me too well - THANK YOU :D

    Twiste and AG, hope you are planning the Penthouse party cause you guys will be there a couple of days before me to get the hot tub cleared and cleaned!

    Thanks for making the space Trev, but really my bums not that big (ok well maybe it is)

    As for the little one she is getting better, don't know what it was she has already had the pox and she is done for MMR, but thankfully she is on the mend, and they are all back to school on Monday! :D

  • Hey Bev:D...9 months is fantastic.....go girl:D

  • Bev, CONGRATULATIONS ON 9 MONTHS!!!! A great achievement! So sorry I'm late. Afraid I don't come as much as I was doing, but do a quick run through once in awhile. Still think of all on forum. Keep going strong, the penthouse is very close for you now. Jody

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