Allergic Reaction

Ok, I am assuming this is the Champix, but from around 12pm today i have been completely spaced out. I put this down to the couple of cups of coffeee, but now i am starting to itch and get rashes. My face feels like its burning.

Well, i can only put this down to the Champix as i went through exactly the same with the Zyban. i can not get hold of my nurse, but until I do i am going to lay off the tablets. What a pain!!

there must be something in this tablet that is in Zyban which really does not agree with me!!

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  • Hi Knightm :D

    Sorry you're having this problem with the Champix and also had it with Zyban it certainly sounds like an allergy to me

    I think you're right to leave them alone until you can contact your nurse about it

    I am a little suprised though that it's only just shown up as you're on week three plus a weekish before you stopped smoking makes it around about 4 weeks I suppose it could also be some sort of viral thing you've picked up but leaving them off for now is I think the wisest thing to do



  • Hi Marg

    It did happen around 3 weeks with the zyban too. Just talked to NHS direct and they have said stop taking them straight away. It must be some active ingredient in both of them.

    Marvellous! :-) Its going to be interesting to see how i feel in the next couple of days with cravings etc.

    Will keep posting to let people know how i get on

  • Hi Knightm :D

    Glad you got some advice from somewhere anyway but you were right to srop them when you did until you could find out

    You may well find you're fine without anything now and I know you really won't want to put nicotine back inyour system but if it becomes to difficult until you can see your nurse/dr why nit use a patch, gum whatever until you can get sorted with something else

    I think it would be better than loosing your quit anyway

    Yes please keep posting and let us know how you go on

    I'll be away from tonight until Fridat night but will catch up then



  • Just ensure that you do not smoke.. or fall temptation to in the meantime.

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