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how long did you stay on champix for?

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hi all,

this is a thread to ask people how long champix quitters used the tablets for before going it alone?

i am loathed to cut them down or stop as i went back to smoking the last time but im feeling like i want to.

if you are quit and have stayed quit and did it on champix, how long did you take them for and what influenced your desision to stop?



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Hi Bman :D

How're doing today

I stopped taking champix in my 8th week smoke free thats nine weeks taking them altogether

I stopped them as I kept forgetting to take them for 2/3 days at a time

I never had any urge to smoke again once I stopped taking them and now at 9 months it feels almost as if I never smoked at all

I don't think you should stop them just yet as you're I think around the 4 week mark so keep on take them for a while would be my advice to you


Marg xxxx

hi marg - thanks for your comments. I know you are probably right but im starting to feel really bad on it.

getting that kinda sickly depressed feeling every time they kick in.

not sure how much longer i can put up with feeling this bad. ill try again tomorrow and see how that goes. hopefully will pick up.

the effect of the tablets seems to be getting stronger and stronger though

I took it for 6 weeks, I felt that by that time I could probably deal without and so I started to wean myself off when I accidentally forgot to take one.

I suffered no ill effects at all when I stopped taking them.

If you are feeling rough, and you feel strong enough with your quit - you might want to try the same thing.

If you're feeling rough and don't feel strong enough with your quit yet - see a Doctor to see if anything can be done about the side effects. It's not worth risking a good quit over.

You could skip the morning pill, and see how you go. You can always keep it handy and take it if you feel you need it?

I kept mine around for a couple of weeks as a comfort thing - it helped to know they were there.

Whatever you decide to do, just make sure you don't smoke :)

Hi Bman :D

My Apologies I didn't realise they were making you feel bad and depressed

As you're feeling rough what Stuart is saying makes sense and I know several on the forum have only been able to take one a day and have been fine with that and had no further problems with it

If you feel bad still with that go and see your Dr for advice/help OK


Marg xxxxxx

thanks guys - i think that its obviously a big psychological crutch for me but i have made the decision to lay off em and see how it goes.

i spoke to my quitting partner whos doing cold turkey and he's said the same as you guys. if its making you feel that bad and you feel strong give it a go.

he doesn't believe in any medication to stop. unfortunately i dont / didnt have the will power to do what he has done but feel that i can now.

anyway it was a bit of a hard decision to make due to the fact that this is the point where i have failed in the past. anyway i think i will do as stuart has said and keep a few close to hand and use if needed.

i could tell it was a big deal mentally as the dreams ii had last night were all about smoking. i had a few times where i had smoked in the dreams and had woke up mortified. and then very relieved! I havent had that dream yet but i know lots of us on here have!

god its terrifiying!!

i think it was just my subconsious doubting if i could do it on my own. but i think i can.

i certainly feel great today and have had no real thoughts of smoking whatsoever, which is great.

thanks again for your comments. its just good to bounce these things of a few people who've been there themselves. :)

Hi Bman :D

Glad to hear you're feeling better today you can alwasy take a champix if you need to as you said

Just take it a day at a time and see how you go


Marg xxxxx

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