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6 Months anniversary for Shabba


Try as I might I couldn't just leave your 6 months celebrations buried in Day 1. So through the marvels of cut & paste, please find your very own celebratory thread.

"Fantastic stuff Shabba,

CONGRATULATIONS on your 6 months.

Thank you for sharing your experiences, your humour and mice sagas with the forum.

Cav "

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I quite agree it 6 months needs its own thread!!


Well done Shabba. CONGRATS.xxxxxxxxx


Congrats Shabba on 6 months..........:D


Bump the thread so that Shabba will see this when she logs on.



6 months is great



Congrats quit buddy... nothing more to say really, well done - I'm proud of you.


To all my lovely forum friends (oh yes where is blooming BB?)

Thankyou all so much (sniff) i love you all

Thanks Cav-what a thoughtful lovely guy you are -big hug xxx

My quit buddy -Stu xx

Can't believe i have got this far-dead chuffed xx


Well done Shabba :)

Fantastic achievement, halfway to penthouse, ohhh how i wish i was at 6 months now.

Great stuff :)




Fantastic Shabba - you have done brilliantly!:D

And thanks for all your support and help so far ... long may it continue :D


Thanks jerry-lee and Denise 66-you girlies have been fab-with a great humour to match-both of you will soon be at six months too-the time flies when your poison free and having fun!!!!


Hi Shabba :D :D

Well done you 6 whole months quit



Mummy Mxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Well done shabba


Sorry I missed your milestone!!

Many congratulations - how are the mice??



Hi PP!

OMG-found another dead mouse in the kitchen this morning belly up-it was horrible-i feel sorry for my postman, because he has now got in the habit of saving my sanity by shovelling them up and putting them in the bin for me-A REAL GENT!!!!:eek:

Up to date caught 3 live ones and had 2 dead ones:eek: how many more!!! they have pink funny tails and everything and really yellow teeth-eek!! ughhhh makes me shudder just typing this !!

Thanks for asking xx:eek:


Too bloody late BB!!! thread now opened-yeh senior member does sound like an old man todger uggghhhh! better think of a name! I'm glad i'm giving you a good impression of me-Ref: suggested names I think peroxide mouse trapper is the one!!!;) xxx


Oooh Shabba - I'm sure you'd be really proud of me and OH today! OH shot two HUGE and I mean HUGE rats with his air-rifle today. They have been living in and around Jerry's stable for weeks so hubby took the air-rifle up there today and sat patiently til dusk. Then one appeared - big mistake. Hubby shot it instantly. About 5 mins later, 2nd one appeared - only to be dispatched instantly!

I'm not under any illusions though - I know there'll be several more living near the stable but I have to say I am quite impressed with hubby's shot. Very accurate!




(in the best possible way!!);)

A shotgun is definately the way to go(better than pink oven gloves a shot of whiskey and a brave postman any day!!!!)


I'll hire him out for a reasonable fee to anyone!

He actually quite enjoys the whole thing to be honest - it's a boy thing!

That said, I was quite impressed with the accuracy of his shot - he got both rats in the head from about 100 yards!

Another (cruel but effective) way of dispatching of rats and mice is to use the swing-bin method. Paste the lid of a swing-bin with peanut butter, rat jumps onto lid, lid swings, rat falls into bin.

You can either have the bin full of water therefore drowning rat after rat is exhausted from swimming or be prepared to kill rat with shovel etc.


Way to go, Shabba.... very, very cool. And still on here after 6 months motivating us newbies! Thank you and CONGRATULATIONS!! :D:D


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