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Ah Day 12

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all doing well in your quit attempts. I'm through to day 12 now. Amazing really as 13 days ago I couldn't last more than 4 hours without a cig hehe.

I'm off on my hols later today so may not be able to post my daily progress, but I'll check in when I can to see how you are all doing :)

I'll also continue writing tips for getting through each week in case they are helpful to anyone.

Good luck, never quit quitting, and I can't thank you all enough for the wonderful support that you've given me for the tumultuos first few days of being an amazingly relieved non smoker.


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Hi Writerchris :D

12 days quit is great well done you Big Hug for you

Enjoy your smoke free holiday, have a great time


Marg xxxxxxx


and it gets easier too. (i speak with experience, and its recent too) Its definitely more manageable for me at the moment so if you get it like'll be well happy :)


Well done, on the dozen days.

Enjoy the holiday and remember non smokers have just as much fun, in fact probably more as they don't keep having to pop outside!




Have a brill holiday. :D


Hi WriterChris

Oh - well done on Day 12! You really are doing fantastically well.

Have an absolutely wonderful holiday!

And hey - be careful out there! :D:D


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