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Hi all

Anybody on here use nicotinell (24 hour patch)? They advise the large patch for 3-4 weeks (21mg absorption 24 hours)then the mid for the same time and then the small. I am thinking of going to the mid at end of week 2 and the the small at end of week 4. Only thing is I read on a website (cant remember which but it was a healthcare site) that the main reason people who use patches fail is that they stopt the patches early. Want to get of the patches as soon as I can but dont want to be at a bigger risk of smoking!!!!!


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Hi Irvnd :D

I didn't use patches so can't advice on this really but I have found you some links to help you have a look at these

This is a copy of a post from this thread :

And, similar threads :

I hope this helps if not get in touch with Bible Black who knows more than most about them


Marg xxxxxxxx


Thanks for the links but they dont answer my question? I am going to stay on the patches as per the instructions. Think its better to run the risk of overusing the patch than going back on the fags



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