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this look familiar


ok, so i failed again, but i am sooo ready this time. i was at a party last night and my uncle (never smoked) had heard from my dad (stopped bout 25 yrs ago) that i had stopped. he told me that it was great and that i should keep it up. i didn't realise that so many people were happy for me and rooting for me to be successful.

i feel much more positive now, and i am sure i can do this, and more importantly i really want to do it.

so i am going to ask for your help once more and i can promise u all that i will give this 100%.

So here is to never giving up, giving up.


Third time lucky

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NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Welcome back Bev,

Not only are all your family and "real world" freiends rooting for you but we are too.

Get the mindset right and the rest will follow :)

Post often and good luck,


Hi Bev :D

Welcome back as well as us here on the forum you have your family and friends cheering you on this time


Marg xxxxxxxx

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