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No Smoking Day
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Hi again!

Hope everyone's well. Well I haven't had a cigarette since Monday, and I feel better for it, but I also did the same last week, didn't have a cig from Monday to Friday and then when I was out I had one! I then had a couple on Saturday night whilst out. The reason I haven't posted for a while is because I don't want to put anyone off, as you are all doing so well, but I would welcome any help or advice. I know its just me being weak when I'm around friends who are smokers, but I really seem to associate smoking with having a few drinks and having a laugh. I have been using nicotine gum which isn't as helpful when drinking, and I think I would feel daft with an inhalator. I know it may sound daft but I might take a few lollies out with me. Anyway well done to all of you who have stayed strong! I know I will get there. x

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welldone :O)

think you should either stick a patch on or avoid the drinking/smoking situation till your stronger!! so much easier to give advice to others when avoiding your own problems lol



Been where you are, and I think the key to it is understanding the addiction, read the links in my signature for more info.

Also for the 1st few weeks I avoided alcohol.

All the best



Hi Steph :D

Well done not smoking since Monday but you say the same thing happened last week then you went out had a drink a smoked one on Friday and a couple on Saturday whilst out and having a drink

I don't want to sound harsh here but it is obvious that to you as to many others a drink and a fag go together like strawberries and cream

The answer is simple when you go out don't have a drink or stick to soft drinks for a couple of weeks

You say you're thinking about taking some lollies with you and no it doesn't sound daft at all and if it helps that's all that matters I know of at least one other person who did this and found it a huge help with the hand to mouth thing that we all miss at the start of a quit so give that a try as well

I also enjoy the odd drink but I didn't have a drink at all for the first month of my quit as to me like you a drink and a fag go together after that first month I found it easy to have a drink without wanting to smoke although the first couple of times I only had a drink at home


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Thanks very much for the replies guys. I think I really need to uncondition my mind from thinking that cigarettes are a good idea when I've had a drink. I kind of don't want to stop going out/not drinking because I will feel like I can't do something because of the cigs! But that said but may be worth a try. Yes I agree with Sophie that it is easier to see other peoples situations than you're own, and I do think it helps to help others if that makes sense.

I think its all about your mindset and when I first decided to stop I wanted to be a social smoker, smoking a few cigarettes when I was out. But since stopping I have decided that this isn't what I want, and that I don't want to have one again.

Thanks again for the advice, and I will keep you posted,

Steph :)


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