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No Smoking Day
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Weight control after 6+ months


I've been absent for a while and managed to quit smoking :)

I'm saying this cause cause I do not have cravings and I feel wonderful. Love being a nonsmoker ;)

However weight gain is starting to become a problem for me cause until now I gained 6 kg :(

Please share your stories and efforts re weight control if you are facing a similar problem.


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Hi. I know how you feel I am the same I have just started the Slimming world diet. to try and do a bit of damage limitation ,because I have only been stopped 12 weeks so I am sure I would have gained more over the coming weeks. I dont know how much I have gained I am too scared to weigh myself. I am going off my clothes. It is really crap that we have this to deal with aswell as our quit. I have known people start again because of weight gain. I wont do that but it does get you down. Anyway this diet seems good but you are not resricted in what you can as much as other diets. Give it a go and let me know how you go. Good luck with it and well done for quitting.:)


Simple resolution - Excercise and do not eat rubbish.


9 months in and starting to tackle my weight. I've whacked myself on a strict calorie 'restricted' diet this week which I'm actually enjoying. I thought it would be a pain to start off with but I've not had any problems - it does require a little more planning but not much. No hunger either as I'm eating every 2 - 3 hours; 3 proper meals with snacks which include nuts, fruit, oat cakes and other things. It's turning in to a bit of a food discovery experience actually! Oh no carbs in the evening but a big chunk of chicken, fish or lean meat, piled with fresh steamed veggies.

Hopefully helpful!



my weight has increaed by 3.5 stone. i wouldnt mind but my Fat neighbour is making sacastic remarks so i have to get rid of it now but how.:eek:


Hilarious Mash!

Hilarious Mash! As a previous poster has said excersise and dont eat crap! Simple! Seriously though, I think EVERYONE gains weight when they quit. You can always lose the weight when you have the quit under your belt. The only way to do it is eat less and excersise more!


I just popped on the site as its 6 months today, I still get lots of cravings but I was on NRTs for much longer (and still do use and inhaler when I'm really stressed (or drunk)

I too have put on weight recently but I put it down to my stress levels as I purposely go buy for or five of my favourite chocolate bars and eat them in some kind of self-pity I think. not good

But... the end of all that is in sight as I finish college in a couple of months, so will have time to relax, also I've had both my big toenails removed to I cant go running. running works wonders for the soul and for keeping the weight off.... anyone who has the determination to stop smoking definitely has the drive get up an hour early stick on some training shoes and get some lovely morning air

Good luck all

some reading for you



Question for everyone....how do you keep the weight off if you are not healthy enough to exercise? I have COPD from 44 years of smoking (quit 1/1/12) and can hardly walk around the neighborhood.

I do eat a pretty healthy diet. Lots of fish and chicken, steamed veggies. I do need the munchies after dinner to make up for the fags I don't have anymore but have cut way down on them and most nights don't have anything at all...ppat


Hi ppat

Well done on your quit.

The way I see it is if the calories in are more than those going out then you are going to gain weight and visa versa.

The are pleny of people getting rich out of promoting wonder diets but at the end of the day it all comes down to calories in and out so I would not recommend wasting money on one week wonders.

I understand your plight and its not an easy situation especially as you already seem to be doing the right things.

The only thing I can suggest is eat more fruit as snacks. Might take a bit of time to get used to the change of diet specially when it means giving up treats.

The only other thing is as I understand you cant exercise is to just keep yourself moving as much as possible. Even housework etc burns some calories

Ok not the news you want to hear. Sorry cant be more helpful but good luck


Hi Pat. You could also read Allen Carrs book Easy weigh to lose weight. He goes down the vegan route but it also helps phsycologically get you in the right frame of mind. You just might get some tips from it without having to diet.:)


Like the above person said, allen carr puts your mind in the right place I read it, didn't put a pound on then 6 weeks in started my healthy eating regime. I was over weight anyway so really didn't want to gain by stopping smoking so allen carrs stop smoking without gaining weight for women stood out to me. I believe in it as I stopped smoking, admittedly not all through easyway as I used patches but whatever, I've still got past the 3 month stage. So now joined slimming world eating a proper healthy diet, walking my dogs all the time for longer periods of time now, and lost 2 stone to date. So if I can do that I believe anybody can. But the excersising with COPD I understand is not possible. Obviously I do food optimising with slimming world so ppat why don't you start swapping those munchies for chopped fruit/veggies? I find sticks of carrot, chopped apple and tangerines perfect


Aitch has hit the nail on the head really. You want to consume less than you burn.

It's probably worth working out your RMR (Resting metabolic Rate if I recall). Essentially what that gives you is a rough figure which is the number of calories your body needs every day in a rested state. Mine is 2700 as an example. So, if I consume less than 2700 calories every day I (unless there's something wrong!) should lose weight.

Week one for me saw me down 5lbs 6oz.

Each lb of fat is relates to approximately 3500 calories; so you need to be 500 calories a day below your RMR to lose 1lb a week.

I personally like a controlling my carbs; that's the approach I've taken. I've not cut them out but don't tend to eat them in the evening. Any carbs I do take on board are mostly via a jacket potato at lunch; I also don't go mad on fruit in a bid to keep my blood sugars even (saving hunger and mood spikes!).

Proteins tend to keep you feeling fuller for longer. Full fat yogurt is currently working for me along with hazel, walnuts and a mixture of seeds. Not too many due to the fat content but a small palm full seems to do the trick nicely.


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