No Smoking Day
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Hey up guys and gals!!

Well thought i would 'touch base' and say hello to every-one on the forum

good to see how well the 'majority' of you are doing and i'm sure the ones who have succumbed to the fags will again be fighting fit to beat the weed again-NEVER STOP STOPPING!!!

Well stopped for over 8 months now, feel fab, feel fit and have so much time and energy..... sometimes have the odd urge, but nothing that 'i can write home about'

I must say it is the best thing i have ever done, and i am really proud of myself!!

i still see my ex-fag buddies nipping out for a quick fag break at work, and you can see tham shuffling quietly out, and then coming back chewing gum and stinking of fags, i will never be an annoying preaching ex-smoker, i just look on and wish that my fag buddies would 'get it' how easy, when your mind is in the right place to beat this crap.

well off to set my mice traps (yep still got the little sh*8ts)

great big massive super duper cyber hugs xxxxxxx

KEEP FOCUSED xxxx -its really worth it xxxxx:)

speak soon xxx

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Hi ya and congrates its great reading post like this give me such hope for myself for the future.

My Mums got rats in her garden not sure where they are coming from could be the field over the back so taking my Stan my Jack Russel tomorrow he will find them he kills quick dont like using the poisons. I would lend you him but dont think he would manage mice they are too small.

Congrates again :)


You are very much missed on here Shabby...... ;) You sound good an healthy and free from fags so good on ya and best of luck to you til next time!!! Good luck with the mice as well :D


Hello Shabba

Good to hear from you 8 months, wow :D that's fantastic stuff.

As far as the mice go I think you're going to need to get a cat!




'Ey up quit buddy!

Good to hear from you - glad to hear you're still going strong. It only seems a few days ago you appeared on the forum struggling with NRT.

Proof positive that this place really does help!


Hiya Shabba,

Well done 8 months is fantastic.2602



Awwwww cheers guys and gals

couldn't resist to see if any-one had responded to my thread!! thats how these forums get you don't they!!!!!!

Staron-cheers for my pussy cat pic xxx

StuH-my quit buddy, great to hear from you-i was thinking about you the other day as i too have started biking-LOVE IT!!!!!

My sexy little minx BB-still a little buggerlugs on the forum i see!!!

Nic-my inspiration - can't think of anyone better to get to that penthouse and PARTY!!!!

Hey Bella!!!!!-you are still here-cool, girl power!!! well done you xxx

Trendy-your stan is MORE than welcome to come and stay!!! he would get first class accomadation-and i have a very cute little girly Bichon for him to go crazy with!!!

Right a certain thread has just caught my eye-just going to have a dabble in there and i'm off before i get hooked!!!!!

see ya when i reach the year-need to celebrate with my quit buddy StuH xxxxx


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