Day one again!

Hi everyone, I've been having the odd cigs which has led to a relapse and although I have only been smoking a few cigs a week rather than 20 a day, I have realised that I am just as addicted as ever!! I've realised that I cannot smoke at all and I need to be completely smoke free as it doesn't work the other way!! Anyway, wish me luck guys!!! Well done to everyone who hasn't given in giving in!! x

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  • Hi Stephq :D

    Welcome back to day 1

    I'm so sorry about your relapse, but you have learned a valuable lesson form it, you can't have just one ever again

    This time you'll do it


    Marg xxxxxxxx

  • Good luck Steph, you have some experience now to help you. Maybe some reading would help, knowing the enemy helps to keep rid of him.


  • Thanks guys, I've had a few desires but they've gone away quickly. Its so weird, once you have one, you will soon need another so you're never satisfied! Its so much more satisfying to just say no more at all!

  • Very true. And 'just one' will never work. Good luck on day one and starting again .xx

  • Hi Steph,

    All the best on Day 1. Never give up on giving up. Keep strong and you will do it.


  • It's like they say, "Try, try again and never stop trying". Keep at it and no matter how many Day 1's you have (I have had loads over the last 10 years!), the day will come when it goes so smoothly, you won't even realise its happened. GOOD LUCK!,

  • u can do it

    good luck to you you can beat the nico demon as nic used to say to me. weve nearly all relapsed at some point in our lives and im sure no one succeeds on there first quit, well done for trying again so soon, best of luck to you



  • im sure no one succeeds on there first quit


    Thanks for that vote of confidence Sue lol. David

  • Thanks for that vote of confidence Sue lol. David

    Anyone can do it first time if you have the right attitude and I'm sure you have!! Some, like me, need a few times to succeed. 11 weeks in and possibly my 10th attempt. I say GO FOR IT SIR!!! You can be our mascot as living proof it can be done! Now, if that doesn't will you on, what will? GOOD LUCK!

  • Thanks guys

    Thanks, I think I got a bit over confident after/during my last stop and thought I could have a cheeky fag, but it didn't actually help anything and just got addicted again. I'm more than half way through day 3 and feeling happy. I'm worrying a little bit about going out tomorrow and Saturday, but I think it makes it easier in a way that I know I can't have one. There is less of a decision process if that makes sense. Before, I might have thought oh one will be ok, but now I know that just one drag could lead me on to smoking full time again!!

  • You can be our mascot as living proof it can be done!

    I will try my hardest to live up to your expectations Kaz. David. xxx

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