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Day 12 and i caved in

Yup i've caved in.

Went to the shop and bought fags.

I don't even feel guilty i've had 1.

Hubby not impressed at all but i'm not bothered.

Week 1 was easy compared to week 2.

Week 2 every day got harder.

I feel better today physically but not mentaly, i don't know if thats connected with me not smocking or my depression.

Sorry MJ xx


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Hi Nikki :D

I'm so sorry you caved in on day 12 you were doing so well

If you're depressed maybe you could ahve a word with your GP he/she may be able to give you something to help it

Get your head in order and then when you're ready come back and have another go maybe this wasn't the right time for you


Marg xxxxxxxx


Hi Nikkie

Sorry to hear that day 12 was good work and after the first 3 weeks things improve greatly. But if its not your time is realy hard. Maybe take some time out. I take st jons wort because I too suffer with depression. We are here when YOUR ready hun.xxxxx


never mind nikki

so you caved...

haven't we all? :eek:

nikki there will be the stop that is the one

so keep up the intention to be a non-smoker

and you will become one

well done for all your hard work.. :)

giving up is not easy and often takes multiple start ups

for me i think i have given up around eight times before this one

there came a point for me that it was over... the cigarettes had had their day

now i am using champix and find it is a great help as is this site...

and last night at dinner i was asked for a cigarette by a friend who didn't know i had given up...

and to my surprise i simply replied, "Jim, I don't smoke."

i was amazed at how it just rolled off my tongue...

but it did..

so keep on keeping on nikki... it is a great feeling to not smoke..


I'm on meds for deppression, have been for over a year this time around.

I'm going to get the weekend out the way then start afresh again on Monday.

I've tried so many times its annoying!!

It did feel like the right time, i have plenty of reasons to want to quit, mainly health reasons.

The weekend i'm going to dose myself up again reading all the links.

Thanks for the support i had from all you guys, you have all been FAB!!



Hey Nikki

Don't beat yourself up over this failed quit, It won’t do you any good.

We've all been there, pick yourself up, dust yourself down and get back quitting as soon as you feel ready.

I was the same when I tried to quit a few weeks before this one.

I had to make sure I was mentally ready before I tried to quit.

Remember to read read read and get back here soon

Take care




So sorry to hear you caved....But i know you will come back stronger nikki and ill send you plenty of positive vibes to get you through.Have a good weekend talk to you monday.

*Ace sends nikki lots of positive vibes*

lee x


Dont worry Nikki!!

Hi Nikki,

Dont worry at all - it is okay!!! I have caved more times than I have tried quitting! We all do it - the important thing is to get it out of your system and start again!!

It is so hard to quit we all know that and we will all cave at some ppint - just need to get back up and start again like the others have said! You will be fine!! Think of all the reasons you told us before and stick them up on your wall in preparation for Monday!!! Bring on MOnday 4th - you can do it!

Ill be here for you when you come back again - hopefully on Monday!!! This weekend is going to a big tester for me - some friends having a party for me on Saturday night to welcome me to London and I havent been drinking in ages dont really want to in case I smoke so I will let you know on Sunday - fingers crossed though!



Hi Nikki we have all done it think it is part of the quitting process, like a learning curve. We will be here for you when you are ready

Biggest hugs :)


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