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Can't believe I've done 4 weeks !!!

Hi everyone,

I'm soo chuffed.........I can't believe I have managed 4 whole weeks without a cig...........IT FEELS GREAT. Hang in there all you newbies, it is so worth the quit.

Hubby and me were at a wedding reception on Friday evening, I had a few drinks, ventured outside with a (smoking) friend but I had NO desire at all to smoke.

Strange thing is, my friend was really embarrased when she was smoking beside me. She kept blowing her smoke away in the opposite direction and saying sorry all the time. :confused:

After smoking for 34yrs, 15/20 a day, I can honestly say I am so proud to be a non smoker now. Keep up the good work everyone, stay quit. Love J. x:)

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Yeee Haaaaa :D

Well done ... keep it up ..... It's such a gr8 ("great" for the oldies hee hee)feeling :D

It pays to be one of the MMQ crew


That is ace, you are an inspiration to me. :)


Hi J :D

4 weeks is great well done and you have every right to be proud of yourself

Also well done for going outside with a smoking friend and not even wanting one, maybe if she was embarrassed she'll take the plunge as well


Marg xxxxxxxx


Hi Marg,

She managed 5 days recently but had a situation at home and relapsed...........I keep hoping she will try again, and I will be there for support when she does. :)


that's great wanna stop

and if i can be feeling as you do at one month...the quit will be all the sweeter..:D

well done and thanks for the description of how chuffed you are feeling!!!:D:D


WELL DONE YOU!!!! :D 4 weeks... gosh that has flown by!!! It does get easier and easier...and after 4 weeks, you should not come up against anything that makes you cave. You look like you are dealing with triggers brilliantly, the drink, the friend who smokes at the side of you!! so you are doing absolute fantastically ;) good on you!! you deserve it.


Very well done indeed, i know exactly how you feel, im on day 28 tomorrow, unbelievable .... :cool:


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