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No Smoking Day
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Can't believe I'm in Week 2

Well that's me on day 8 now and in week 2. Today was my 1st day back at work since I stopped smoking so this week I have another set of habits to change, the fag before going into the office, the one at break, the 2 at lunch etc, etc. I'm glad to say though I made it through the day smoke free. I'm really pleased with myself. :)

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Well done Derlyn ! and it must of been kind of like starting over with a whole new set of routines to deal with!

Well main hurdle done because now you have a visual image of you being smoke free at work as well now!

Buffy x


Day 9

I am now on day 9 and work was ok, didn't miss smoking at all. Tonight was a different story though, it was the worst I've felt since starting my no smoking regime. I had a craving for about 2 hours when I came home from work and I was really unsettled and weepy. I don't know what set me off but I thought I was going to give in. I'm glad to say though that the craving has now passed and I didn't give into it.


Day 13

I'm now on day 13 and delighted to say I managed my 1st week back at work totally smoke free. :)


Well Done Derlyn!!!

Glad the major hurdles have been accomplished!

Double figures now :D It's all good!

You must be well chuffed with yourself, time to treat yourself to something nice ;)


:) That is excellent. I am a couple of days behind you, it is a great feeling isn't it, not smoking?


Well done you!

Hey Derlyn,

Sounds to me like you have cracked it! The couple of hour cravings are just terrible arn't they? I think also cause it kinda sneaks up on you so far into giving up it really knocks you for six, but big claps for sticking to your guns and yelling NO to the Nicotine Monster.

Keep smiling hun x


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