Day 3 and feeling good

I expect there will still be a few tough days to go but for now, I have to say I'm feeling better than I have for a very very long time.

Also this time, I'm aware that I might still have tough days but I'm noticing that they are becoming less and less.

Only used 4 pcs of gum yesterday and I forgot to bring any to work today but I did notice a crusty one that must have escaped from the packet, lying at the bottom of my bag. I'll use that if I get desperate (yuck)

Hope you're all staying strong, the sun is shinning and our lungs are getting cleaner and cleaner.


2 Replies

  • Hi Hopeful,

    You sound good and positive today. And doesn't it help when the sun is shining - a totally cloudless sky here at the moment.

    Have a good one, stay strong, and I hope you don't have to resort to that crusty piece of gum.


  • Well done hopeful xxxx

    Keep going, you know it makes sense ;)

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