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sunshine and crazyness

good morning all.... im on day 43 now i think.. im kinda loosing track which i guess is a good thing... but im not sure if its the weather but ive really been wanting to smoke the last couple of days.. not having any cravings or anything like that and not feeling any effects that i used to have but just casually thinking MMmm a fag would be nice right now... my brain thinks ok you've proved your point.... lol its crazyness i know im not going to smoke but i think this is worse then having the withdrawal symptons as back then i kept thinking wow im not smoking because i never want to go through that again .. but they have gone or at least hiding and it would feel so natural to go buy a packet now like im not me without them.....

i think im just waffling now dam this weather for making me want to smoke lol :o xx

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Hi Jewls,

You waffle on I think you will find most if not all of us have days like that just stay smoke free and enjoy the weather :)



Morning Jewls,

Firstly - well done on Day 43, that's just brilliant:D

Secondly - you may be waffling a bit, but I think you put it rather well, because in a mixed up sort of way that sounded so familiar, and described a lot of what i'm going through too. Couple of days ago I said to my OH that sometimes I sort of miss smoking!! She looked at me with, bless her, a complete lack of understanding. I KNOW I don't miss it at all really, but like you say, it was a part of me for so long. And yes, sunny days seem to accentuate those thoughts.

I'll tell you what I don't miss - standing out in the drizzle on a cold day trying to convince myself that I was "enjoying" a smoke!!

I'm off to do what I regularly do when these spells of doubt or confusion hit me - some reading on and reinforcing all the positives I have achieved, and continue to achieve.

Have a good day, keep strong.



when it was raining it did somehow make it easier.. and i know that i dont miss it at all how silly when u think that how can you miss cigarettes but i seemed to do everything with a fag in my hand and even saying that seems funny now when i look back it was so natural like it would be for a non smoker to eat lol...

well done to everyone on here.. today we are Free and Proud :)

x x Julie x x


Hi Jewls,

I understood your waffle....made sense to me!

Congrats on day 43, your doing fab!

Stay strong and keep up the good work!

Lottie -x-


Hi Jewls :D

Only just gound this thread

So you must be around the 60 day mark by now well done you

I know what you mean by those fleeting thoughts of oh a fag would go down a treat about now

Disconcerting to say the least


Marg xxxxxx


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