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No Smoking Day
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Day 11 feel like heaven

I cant believe it is my 11th day without a nasty cig. I experienced something yesterday that I havent experienced in a very long time. Since quitting I have decided to start some other activities (you guys know to get your mind off smoking) I have started walking for 45mins every evening. What I have noticed is that I have really been able to take deep breaths and noticed I no longer have a tightness in my chest. It feels great, especially the deeper breathing I have also recently done some research on yoga and it seems like a swell activity especially for breathing and streaching. I think I might take this up. One thing that is a huge plus also is the fact that you dont smell of cigarettes. Everytime I walk past a person smoking I am hating that smell more and more. Has anyone here takin up any new activities since you have stopped smoking if so what are they and do they help you all in not thinking about lighting one up. Good luck to all and keep up the good work this isnt easy.

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Hi Agron :D

Well done you on day 11 and feeling so good and starting up exercise and yoga can only be good for you


Marg xxxxxxx


ur right!do it!

i'm on day 13 and its great-cant say i'm doing new stuff-just doin the stuff i do, only haven more energy to do it-:D



Well done on your quit so far. Keep up the good work.

In answer to your question, I have not taken up any other physical activities but what I have done since quitting is something I have been wanting to do for many many years and that is learning how to play the piano. I am loving it.

I did not realise how much time I wasted smoking, it has been a revelation in as much as I now feel that there is so much quality time to fill with doing great things that don't kill you:D:D:D




I agree its great to be able to breath better and exercise more comfortably.

Well done on getting to day 11. Onwards and upwards!



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