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Day 2

Hi All,

Just an update , to let you know that i am about ½ way through my second full , clean day. Going quite well at the moment, my brain still feels a bit mushy and i cant keep my thoughts focused at all, having the odd pang but more of an overall dullness of the mind at the moment

Last night, i must of woke 20 times, very sweaty. I kept telling myself, its just a withdrawal stage. From my other main previous attempt to quit (cold turkey), these sleep-disturbed nights last for about 3 – 4 nights

I went to the gym earlier, and i don’t know if it was psychological but i am sure that already i feel fitter than i have done in the last couple of weeks

All in All, feeling pretty damn good about myself, feeling positive for the most part, i know i wont be smoking today or any other day.

Thanks to you all again. This place really does make a difference.


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Well you sound really positive regardless of the sleep disruption and so on which is great.

Well done on reaching day 2, your doing great.

Stay strong and I'm sure you will be fine:)

Lottie -x-


Hi E,

Really glad you're feeling so positive and getting through Day 2.

Getting down the gym is a good idea - for me too! (I've put on a bit of weight since quitting!)

From my experience, and what I've read on the forum, the sleeping patterns do settle down after a while. Stay positive stay strong, and stay quit.:D



Hi E :D

Glad to hear you sound so positive on day 2 that's great

All the niggles you're finding are part of quitting OK

Whether it's pschological or not it's good thet alreadt feel fitter


Marg xxxxxx


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