No Smoking Day
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on day 6! and feeling good although very dizzy for some reason!!!

Hi guys,

I have had about 4 quits this year the longest was 4 days unitl i gave in to the dreaded weed!!

This time it is for good! using champix! which at the moment i think is amazing, really helps!! almost makes it easy!!!!!

I dp get urges now and again but get over them really easily, i just think about the last 5 days and think i aint doing all this again, and it works.

Finding it really hard to sleep but apart from that there is no other real side affects as yet............unitl today!!

Today i feel really dizzy for some reason but still feel really really strong!! i am sure this is going to last.

Feeling good

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Hi Tomyp:D

Well done you on day 6 that's great I also quit with the help of champix

The bad sleeping and dizziness is I'm afraid all part of quitting, due to the increased oxygen levels in your blood and therefore your brain than you're used to

It won't last long once your body realises you're not putting anymore poisons into it it will level off


Marg xxxxxx


Hi, can't add anymore than Marg! Well done. I gave up giving up and took up choosing not to smoke! Helped my head out mentally no end!


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