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are back spasms part of the deal

Hi all,

just been having some twinges.. am on champix but having gone through the side effects, I don't think they are from champix...

maybe not drinking enough water..

im drinking a lot of coke.. unusual for me as rarely ever touch it.. but the sugar is good..

kidneys? maybe a lack of flushing...

they feel like spasms..down both sides of mid to lower back..had twice this evening

last only less than one or two minutes...and can get myself comfortable by shifting my body..

anyone got any ideas or had this occur?

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Hi Jane I havent had that (yet) so dont think it is the champix. Must admit to drinking a lot of diet coke mark always drank it but me never. Started by pinching his now Im cant stop drinking the stuff.

If your back pain doesnt improve I think you should have it checked out with the dr.

Big hugs :)


Hi Jane :D

I also used champix and never had this, don't remember it in the symptons list either

Could be you need to drink more water, could be juat that you moved wrong, ot could be an infection easily cleared

If it doesn't improve soon see Your Dr don't mess around with it


Marg xxxxxxxx


thanks a mill

i will have it checked out... if it persists...

but since i posted.. .. i haven't had another.. drank about two litres of water and am easing up on the coke..

thanks marg and trendy


thanks again

the spasms actually scared me somewhat.. and am so glad for your support.. to know that i can write and SOS here is relief..

and now am not as anxious.. in particular since have not had another..

cross fingers...

am seeing the doc soon anyway to keep her posted on my no smoking progress..

thanks :) :) :)


Hi jane how are the spasm x


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