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Time to deal with the weight


A week ago I decided I have had enough of the extra weight (It's getting silly when I struggle to put socks on and can no longer wear heels with ankle straps :mad:)

I joined a site called myfitnesspal which asks for your height, weight, measurements and what you want to lose. You are then given a reduced calorie allowance per day - it's a little low and I have gone over it slightly on some days. You also enter all food eaten and exercise taken.

When I joined I put my weight at what it was before my quit (as not weighed recently) and this morning I weighed to find I'm two pounds under that after one week. So far so good. I will lose weight - especially I have just paid the deposit on my Canaries cruise for next year and will need new dresses :D:D:D

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hi Nicky, This is my predicament at the moment too... I quit just a few days after you, & now ive got to that stage where im really noticing it. In a way its good summers ending cus my summer clothes are hard to get on now. Im also looking at a holiday next year & no way do i wanna stay as i am. Thats a good inspiration for you.. paying the deposit! Bought some fitness dvds on ebay yesterday......waiting on postie

Thanks Jenny, though to be honest I was quite overweight before quitting :eek:

Jelly Agree about the summer clothes, in fact early August before my holiday I bought some basic items in a bigger size (biggest ever:eek:) and I do not want to replace all my clothes. Good luck with the DVDs, I looked at some on Amazon but noticed they have free vids on you tube so might try those.:)

I gained a stone but seems to have stayed like that I was very badly under weight so a lot happy bunnys my family my doctor not giving up my quit like I did last year because of it nothing thst dosnt sort itself out x

I gained a stone when I gave up, I waited a whole year until my quit was well established, then started with the weight. I used myfitnesspal too and am still using it now, lost lost all of the weight that I had gained and with the help of the gym and Zumba have managed to keep it off. Keep it up, well done x

Nicky & co, good for you. :)

It can be done- I was overweight before quitting too but I decided that if I could quit fags I could flipping well manage to lose weight. I'm well inside my healthy bmi range now (and 3.5 stone lighter than I was before quitting).

One thing I did was to calculate (roughly) all the time in an average day I had formerly spent in smoking and exercise for the equivalent amount of time. I took up swimming again as well as maxing out on walking everywhere and more recently I've started running too. Exercise really does kick-start your metabolism and makes it heaps easier to both lose weight and (hopefully) keep it off.

All the best to you from me. You can do it :)

Lost some weight!

I have been using Myfitnesspal for a little over 4 weeks now and I have lost 11 pounds :D:D I tried slimfast and going to the gym last year (lost a few pounds before giving up) but I hate the gym, where I love walking and cycling since I quit :)

I have a favourite pair of trousers which won't do up and a gorgeous dress I want to wear again before they both become too big (bit of positive thinking there!):):D

Well done to all of you who have lost weight too :)

Nicky, that's FANTASTIC! :D

Well done you. 11 pounds is the most amazing achievement and all I can say is that you'll be at target (and the dress & trousers will be too big) before you know it. Bet you feel heaps more confident about youself don't you? :)

Thanks Karri I love MFP, I just needed educating on calories & fat and it does that. :)

Skiddaw I do feel confident and happier, been so big for so long and I hadn't even really noticed the weight piling on! Wore a new size 18 dress I bought months ago last night as I wouldn't want to not get a chance to wear it at all after losing more weight :D

Yeh- that's one of the drawbacks (in a nice way :)). You end up having to purchase at least two new wardrobes as your weight comes down. I'd bought a lovely dress in the post-Xmas sale last winter which I intended to wear on NYE but in the end I changed my mind and wore something else. I thought I would wear the dress for our wedding anniversary meal out this spring, but by then the damn thing was way too big so I had to recycle it having never worn it in anger. Now, I'm finding I'm having to replace things I bought late last winter/early spring (after I had lost quite a bit of weight) because they're all too big for me as well.

It's flipping expensive this dieting lark! :D

I have put on a bit of weight too... probably around a stone or so... So i'll need to lose that and get my waist size down. = )

You will shift it Seanheather, I have lost about 21 pounds now, feel better though still overweight (I was pretty big to start with) :)

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