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2nd week

Hey team hows it going?? good I hope?? Well this is my 8th day without a cig and still not having very bad cravings. I went out last night with a lady friend of mine to a bar we kind of got in to the alcohol and then came that urge to light one up like a lightning strike. It is amazing atleast for me when I taste alcohol how I crave a smoke. I went outside with her she lit one up and I was almost going to ask her for one out of habit, but something strange happened when I smelt that smoke it was not very appealing almost nauseating. I thought to myself as everyone was smoking outside "why do these guys and gals need this", "why did I need it?" I guess it is a good thing that now when I smell these dreaded things I feel disgusted. Any thoughts on this team, is it my body rejecting the substance or the fact that I have not had one in 8 days?? So far so good I anticipated it to be harder, hopefully the urges dont get stronger. As for you all be strong brothers and sisters you dont need this garbage in your bodies. I believe that everyone here has the ability to kick this. as my brother tells me "why should something without a brain be able to control someone with a brain". respect to everyone here.

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Hi Agron :D

Entering the 2nd week well done that's great

Good your sense of smell is back that's why you noticed how bad that fag smelt

I'm glad you're finding easier than you expected

I also like your brothers remark


Marg xxxxxxxxxx


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