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Tough day

Found it really hard today not sure if they are craves or triggers. Felt tense snappy and could so smoke a cig. Mark didnt want to come with me today he is having it hard today aswell and we had such a good day yesterday. I went to pick my friend up had a cuppa with her and watched her smoke two cigs, went to the drs to get all the scripts and went to Mums take her sleeping tabs. She told me I looked really ill (and I feel it) and that I have no colour in my face. Anyway left her and went to do the shopping came home and poor Mark was climbing the walls. We have had tea and Mark is sat playing a computer game but looking so tense he is always such a relaxed happy person. I so hope tomorrow is better and I hate that feeling of wanting a cig.

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Keep up good work

Hi Mel, Sorry u and Mark having a bad day, but it will get easier... Am positive... Just keep real busy, at least u have Marks support and everyone on this forum is her for you....:cool:


Keep at it and support each other!!! As Karen said, at least you have each other..and you both know what it feels like, so when one gets fidgety moody, you know what it is like. I had to sit with my smoking bloody hubby, puffing his head off every 10 minutes :( and probably didn't have a clue what I was going through.... you know he is such a lovely man...and sooo considerate in normal circumstances... BUT, where the fags are concerned, he is very selfish!! That's just what they do to you I suppose!!

Keep at it!! D.L.T.B.G.Y.D :D


I know what you mean when I stopped last month Mark was puffing away in front of me at the table in the front room etc. With him quitting with me this time he said how on earth did you cope with me smoking near you (bless him he realised in the end):rolleyes:


Yo trendy

Hi Trendy

Sorry your having a hard time. I have to say for the first few days of my quit last week i looked and felt like S*** for a good 4 days. Then it got better. Have a read of Billys latest post about relapsing.... its really good.






Hi Mel :D

I am so sorry you're both finding today hard but just hang in there OK

That feeling that you want a fag will pass quite quickly

I'm sure you'll both feel better tomorrow but you know how it is some days down and then feeling great again


Marg xxxxxx


Hi Trendy, Sorry your both having a tough day. I hope you'll feel better soon.

Stay strong,



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