No Smoking Day
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First day today

And I know its going to be hard.

I've got a couple left sitting in the drawer, I'm going to keep them as I feel as though they are a comfort balnket and if I do slip up in the next couple of days I'm not going to be off to the garage to pick up 20.

But they will be gone before the bin men come again. I'm an outside smoker so quite glad the weather is bad I'm a lot less tempted to stand outside in the rain.

So far, so good but I've only been up a couple of hours.

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well done for quitting...

MMmmm so u think that having them is a good idea at least if u did have to go garage and get some it may be a bit of put off... i know it did me as i wouldnt have travelled to get a pack.. on my first day i was so irritated by the quit that my dad thought he was helping me by leaving a cigarette just incase it got to much... all that night i was tossing and turning in bed thinking about just smoking it... netherless in the morning i went straight to it broke it up and but it in the bin... ( that was after holding it in my hand for about half hour lol )

but saying that if that helps you by having them there then you need to do whatever helps you personally...

well done for resisting this long x x


Hi Gonnabeexsmoker :D

Your first day eh take it hour by hour even minute by minute if you need to they all add up OK

I never kept a safety blanket as would have been to tempted by them but if you feel it helps thats fine


Marg xxxxxxxx


Hi hope your first day goes ok, dont forget come and post on here if you are having a bad time or a good time X


Hi Gonnab

Well done on making the decision to quit - I too am on Day 1 and so far so good, I know I can do it and so can you.

You must do what ever you think is right for you hon, everyone of us is unique and what works for one doesnt always work for another. But I know from previous experience that this forum is probably the best help you can get, everyone is so supportive, most are non judgemental and they are always here to help you, if unlike me, you let them. (I fell at Day 26 2 weeks ago, despite the support and encouragement of the people on here, I just turned my pc off and smoked - something I really regret, because it done absolutely nothing for me, except make me cough and become short of breath again).

So post on here as much as you can, take the advice, support and encouragement - everyone is here to help each other.

Keep smiling


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