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6 weeks today, 840 fags NOT smoked !!

Not posted since last week as not had a good week and didn't want to post negative stuff on here and disillusion people who are trying so hard BUT now i feel it's best to be realistic and honest and accept it's not all plain sailing !!

I am using the nic gum and it does help me but my whole day just seems to be thinking of cigarettes and the question that i have proved i can stop so why stay stopped. Don't mean to sound like i want to be a smoker again because i really can't afford to, not financially nor for health reasons, nor because i want to be a good infuence for my lil grandchildren and so the list goes on, and i will keep being a miserable old so and so and feel 'lost' and hope it passes but after a week of feeling really empty i can only hope its part and parcel of the process.

I feel iv right let myself down in not being positive still but i try to reason that iv been out and enjoyed a good few vodka's 2 nights running over the weekend and didn't once want to pop outside the pub and join the others with their habit so in a way i guess iv not let myself down.

Bit of a rambling on there guys but maybe it's a good point for me to express to others who are doing brilliantly that there could possibly be '****' days that continue one after the other and these can prop up so far down the line ??

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Congrates on your six weeks. I am so glad you posted this as I know when I went two weeks and fell that if only I had carried on maybe it would have got better. I am only on day 3 at the moment and know that there will be some horride days ahead aswell as good. Posting what you have makes us realise that we are not the only ones feeling like that. X


thanks trendy

Trendy thanks for your post. I really was unsure about posting cos the whole week has been horrible, maybe it would have been a miserable week anyway but i do feel it's worse because of my old habit not being present anymore ?

Even my o/h has been saying im miserable cos im not smoking (he stopped at same time as me) and i was thinking 'if only i smoked still, least i wuldn't be AS miserable, but i'm sure you understand from your previous quits that it's not quite so cut and dry as we might think it is going to be. I won't be a slave to the weed again, of that i'm sure, but i don't want to be a complete misery either. I remember the odd day or 2 like this in the beginning and i reckon i am just a bit tken aback at how i have missed smoking this week?

You keep up the good work, day 3 for you this time round so you are doing great and i would love to see how you do so keep posting. Hope i can post a more positive thread soon and look back on this and laugh at myself, miserable old bag i am, haha


Hi Dee Dee :D

6 weeks quit and 840 fags not smoked that's great well done you

You've certainly not let yourself down at all and you've been out for some drinks a couple of times and not wanted smoke, that's brilliant so early in your quit

I am so sorry you feel miserable at the moment but it really will get better I promise


Marg xxxxxxxxxx

Hi Mel :D

On day 3 you're doing great and the nicotine will be out of your system after today, just hang in there


Marg xxxxxxxx


Ahh thanks marg and i am sure you are right, i remember my few down days early on and i recovered from them so i know i will recover from my misery, just hope it gets better are 5 months this week eh ?? !! !!!


Hi DeeDee, congratulations, 6 weeks today and 840 fags not smoked a huge well done to you!

I think you should post on here when you having a bad week, i know what you mean about feeling negative but all these lovely people on here will help you when you need it most.

Maybe this last week which you have found hard would have been a tough week even if you were still a smoker but i know what you mean about not having smoking to turn to, but deep down you know it wont change anything or help.

Keep strong and im sure you will have a better week this week, x



Well done hun!!

I've done 5 weeks and im having a bad day , we get em dont we love . Its just now how do we cope with bad times??

You've done really well going out and having a bevvy cos your guard slips a bit and the resolve. So well done you!!

Keep it up and youre not being negative youre being a realist!

Keep strong and whack the weed where it hurts :p


day 44

Thans ang and thanks Tracy, you're both so right and yes im sure this week is going to be a bit easier, hope so anyway else il be on prozac instead of fags, haha, I'll try to keep positive and yes maybe if i feel real down and desperate il post on here because i do get strenght from all the posts on here.

Well done to you guys and keep going going going cos ur doing well xxxx


Stick with it

Hi Dee Dee, Am so pleased to hear even though u having a rough time at the moment your not smoking.... But sorry to hear your not feeling to goodl about it... I have days like that too, but probably we would even if we smoked.....

U are doing so well, just ride the storm and am sure things will get so much better for u..... :p


Hi Dee Dee

Babes sorry your having a bad week Im sure it will pass soon. You must post good or bad days we all have them Im sure, and if we dont post the bad ones. Others will think there is some thing wrong with there quit if they have a down time if you know what I mean. Also we are here to give support good days or Bad. hope you feel better soon hunnie,xxxxxxx


Good work!!!

No need to repeat the harsh 1st few weeks ever again, practice makes perfect so keep on not smoking all day every day, and sooner or later you will have it sorted and know that it is sorted. In the meantime the further you put that last smoke behind you the less frequent the bad days are and the easier it is to deal with them when the come.

All the best






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