No Smoking Day
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day 5 and excited

well well well, had a run this morning went to work, then went cycling, been skipping, doing situps, pressups omg

smoking doesnt make you slimmer, it makes you fatter! reduces your lung capacity which is adnormal, so yeah you do less!!!

all makes sense now, i cant believe i wasted all this time smoking!!!!

knowledge is the key to stopping, and excercise for your dopamine!!!

its a bigger buz trust me!


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Wow! well done Jamiestars.

I too have been cycling today and am on Day 5!


day5 and fully alive

yip dudes-day 5's just super smashin great-

wi all this positive energy flyen about how can we go wrong!!!

we wont:p

find wat works for u and just do it-the line "not smokn today" is doin it 4 me:cool:

looks like i'll have to knock the cobwebs off th bike and join the parade:eek:


get on them bikes please!!!!!!!!

keep on cycling hehe



Hi You Three :D :D :D

On day 5 that's well over 1/2 of the first and worst week done and dusted well done to all of you

All that exercise makes mr tired just reading about it HA HA


Marg xxxxxxxx


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