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Catching Up

Hi all!!

Hope you had a fab easter, been away spending time with family and eating chocolate and drinking wine. I have to say it was tempting to have a ciggie but I knew that if I had one I would have been back smoking again. so i watched people smoking and even smelt the smoke but was glad it wasnt me coming back in stinking. after I had been out 2 nights, the third didnt really bother me. although I have eaten the world and put 9lbs on in the last 4 weeks, hmmmm anyway back on the weight watchers now and so glad I never gave in to a drunken fag and that Im counting in months!!

I havent been on for a few days so am just catching up with all the posts

hope everyone is doing ok xxxxxxxx

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Hi moog, congratulations getting through the easter celebrations, 3 nights drinking and not smoking - be proud, you did it, i too am just catching up on posts easter has been busy time with children off school, but again a big well done, and keep smiling:)


Hey moog, nice one. I think the drunk smoke is the easiest one to fall into!


Hey there moog,

Glad you had a great easter and stayed away from the nasty nico demons., well done!

You not the only one who has put on weight, I've gained about 6lbs since the quit but have now stocked up on healthy food and started working out to try get back in shape:D

Lottie -x-


Congratulations Moog!

Yep, I'm turning into a bit of a lardy arse too! In fact I've just been singing little song to myself about it at my desk at work!

Having a bit of a weird day!

TT xx


Hey this time do you find that your giggling at silly things and acting in a well slightly bizarre way?? Or is that just me? It was the thought of you making up songs at work, it's just, my mind is everywhere at the minute and I'm what I can only explain as emotionally incontinent. My feelings are all over the show, happy, sad, laughing, crying??? Tell me it's not just me. :o


Hi moog, good to see you back! This Time, I am curious to know what the words to your little ditty was!


Hi Moog, nice to hear from you!! :) Great to see you have done the drink thing!! I have had quite a few drinking occasions now and it just aint an issue any more, which feels great.



Ahh well done and you keep going, iv just popped on and caught up with a few posts and its great to hear of everyone doing so so well


Hi Sam :D

Glad you had a good time with your family, and although you had a few drinks didn't even want a fag not really

well done you


Marg xxxxxxx


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