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Sorry, I'm leaving

Hi All,

Theres a reason I haven't been on in the past couple of days...........its because my internets been playing up:p and now I'm leaving to join the 3 weekers:D

Yes thats right, I've actually completed 2 whole weeks and couldn't be happier with myself.

I spent the day round my mums house yesterday and spent most of the day playing the Nintendo Wii with my little brothers, it was great that I didn't get out of breath really quickly and also didn't have to stop every 20mins for a "cig break".

I had so much more fun than if I was a smoker and thats even more reason to keep going strong.

Hope everyone else is doing great...and Happy Easter!

Lottie -x-

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Hi Lottie :D

Good to hear from you again and 2 whole weeks complete that'r great

Glad you enjoyed your time with your Mum and brother without continual fag breaks and getting out of breath Keep it going


Marg xxxxxxxxx


YEEEY well done on your 2 weeks :D Sounds like you had a brill day!! It's little things like that that make you stop and think " how the hell did we get on when we smoked " :confused::confused:


Well done Lottie!!

I used to feel a bit embarrassed about going to stand outside in the cold having a smoke when everyone was having a giggle inside, now I dont have to leave the party which is great:D

Keep strong x


Well done Lottie :) you are doing great hun.




Happy Days

Well done Lottie, Its a great feeling, and dont u get so much more done when u dont have to go out fagging it all the time:p Kaz


Hi Lottie, it's great to read such a positive post. Congratulations on leaving week 2. I'm just entering wk 2 and it feels good. Hope your journey gets easier and easier. Freedom, here we come.



Thanks everyone!

Didn't get to reply yesterday because my internet is still playing up a bit:eek:

Hope everyone had a lovely easter!

Lottie -x-


Well done Lottie

You sound really chuffed.. as in deed you should be!!!

I cant wait to have two weeks under my belt.. Its like I am gaining REAL knowledge that the cigarette is gone with the more days that are behind me..

and with those of you who are doing it ... the more is the confirmation it is DOABLE.. and continuable..

Again congrats Lottie

love jane xxx


Good girl.....

Well done Lottie...............In't it great to be moving in to week 3. Did we think we'd get here when we started out in March???

MMQ's.........well done all of us. April can do this, it feels great. :D Love J.x x


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