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I'm Eggstatic!!

Well hiya month 2 crew, just joined ya werhoooooo!!!:D

It's Easter weekend and i've just got to one month smoke free wow feels great!! So lots of feel good easter eggs for me yum yum!!

I decided to ditch the patches aswell on Wedsnesday so i'm on my 3rd day nicotine free. Feeling good not as strung out as I thought i'd be:) Might invest in some gum though just as a fall back or there again might just deal with it!!

Hope you all have a lovely Easter weekend whatever you do, hope you have fun and are smoke free - its the only way to be;) hehe. I really am going to be an annoying non smoker, well if it does my partners head in enough that he stops - mission accomplished!! But it does smell nasty - did I really smell that bad??!! Anyway I digress(as usual!) have a lovely bank holiday all, keep strong!!

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Hi Angela :D

Entering your 2nd month that's great and off the patches as well after today there will be no nicotine left in your system

Hope you hace a lovely Easter as well


Marg xxxxxxxx


Wow well done 2 months ... your doing really good...... Im jealous I want to be there....I will be ther soon tho :p

Keep the gum in the pocket if u really need it it's there, but try and fight the nicodemon....

I carried a patch in my wallt Just in case..... didnt need it... to be truthfull I think I forgot it was there...

Happy Easter to you and yours to...

p.s. Yes... smokers stink ;)


Hi Angela, Congratulations your doing great. I'm just going on day 7 so it's very encourageing for me to read about how well your doing. I'm right behind you. Keep up the good work.



Hi angela, well done and fantastic that you are now nicotine free too! hope you have a great easter and enjoy all your chocoate eggs, and your oh will be converted eventually!

keep smiling:)



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